Metallica Keeps Giving Back to Charity in Hopes of a Better World


SEATTLE — Wildly successful American heavy metal band Metallica cares significantly about giving back to the world. Metallica keeps giving through the creation of its own charity, the All Within My Hands Foundation, as well as through donations to many other charities. Just recently, the band donated a $130,000 prize to charities working in developing countries.

A Look at Metallica’s Donations to Charities

Metallica has been giving back to communities, both globally and locally, for years. Surprisingly, for many years the public was not aware of Metallica’s charitable activities, because the band did not want people to misinterpret their good intentions to help those in need. Metallica did not want to be the type of celebrities who only do good for more fame. The band decided to quietly give back in ways that seemed right at the time. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich explained to Ultimate Classic Rock, “So for many years, Metallica gave back almost 100 percent under the radar. In cities we would play, we would work closely with food banks and not only make sure that the massive amounts of uneaten meals from the backstage catering and dressing rooms would end up in the hands of the needy, but also support these local charities with donations.”

Metallica has helped with global issues by performing at the Live Earth concert, which helped raise awareness about climate change. The band has also played at the Global Citizen Festival to help promote the charity’s work related to global health, education and environmental issues. Metallica has donated profits made from concert tickets and album sales to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Amnesty International, the San Francisco Giants Community Fund and Foundation de France’s Give For France.

Currently, Metallica is running the Win with Metallica fundraiser as a part of its current tour, which has raised $38,685 so far. In November 2016, Metallica performed at the House of Vans in London. The $19,473 made from U.K. concert ticket sales and album sales went to help the international children’s charity Railway Children, an organization that helps children living on the streets due to previously being in an unsafe home environment.

What is the All Within My Hands Foundation?

The All Within My Hands Foundation was introduced to the public by Metallica in February 2017. The purpose of this foundation is to help improve the lives of members of the local communities. The band wanted to give back to the place where they came from and inspire fans and friends to get involved. The money raised will be distributed to different national and local charities, music education programs and food banks that are chosen by the band. Metallica keeps giving by donating $2 from each concert ticket they sell through their All Within My Hands Foundation.  

Metallica Keeps Giving to Help Alleviate Global Poverty

Metallica’s continued donations to charity are making a difference in the fight to end global poverty. The band has donated to many different charities to ensure that its charitable work reaches many people who are suffering, rather than giving to one charity that helps a select few. Global poverty is a huge issue, and one way to demolish it is to approach solutions from many different angles. Metallica did just that by choosing a variety of charities to donate to, and by bringing awareness to these organizations.

On June 14, 2018, the band received $130,000 as part of the Polar Music Prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Metallica decided to donate the prize money to three different charities. Fifty percent of the funds went to the Stockholm City Mission, 25 percent went to the World Childhood Foundation and the rest of the money went to the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

Metallica keeps giving to charity through its own foundation and other charities. Through its support of global issues, Metallica is helping to fix the wrongs of the world.

–  Kelly Kipfer  
Photo: Flickr


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