Demi Lovato’s Iraq Visit Brings Positivity to Suffering Children


SEATTLE — Pop star, actress and mental health spokeswoman Demi Lovato notified the public at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in New York City that she had an ambassador for mental health advocacy in impoverished areas. Lovato became an ambassador by joining Global Citizen, an international advocacy organization. Both Lovato and Global Citizen have worked with Save the Children to help poor children in Iraq. In 2016, Lovato became associated with Global Citizen through her performance at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City.

Save the Children and Demi Lovato’s Iraq Visit Helps Kids in Need

Save the Children is currently running a pilot program called HEART that, through an arts-based approach, helps provide mental health and psychosocial care to internally displaced children in Iraq who have experienced chronic stress due to the recent conflicts in the country. Save the Children has conducted research that emphasizes the importance of ensuring that these impoverished children in Iraq, who are suffering mentally as a result of being in severe danger from violence, are taken care of.

Lovato, Global Citizen and Save the Children have made it their mission to provide whatever help they could to the children in Iraq who were suffering. They did this by providing a creative outlet for the kids to heal through drawing, painting and getting involved with music. In doing so, the children were better able to express the pain they are experiencing. Through the HEART program, they can reflect on what has hurt them in the past and become stronger. Demi Lovato’s Iraq visit with Global Citizen and Save the Children means that these suffering kids will have a second chance.

Demi Lovato’s Charity Background and Her Voice in Ending Global Poverty

Lovato herself has dealt with mental health issues. She uses her struggles to speak up and help others who are suffering. Lovato also has a history of being involved with charity. After Lovato joined Global Citizen in 2016, she went to the organization’s first festivals in India and Germany. Demi Lovato’s Iraq visit is just one part of her charitable activities; she stated at the Global Citizen Festival, “Ending the stigma around mental health conditions and supporting internally displaced children to build physical and mental resilience through education and access to justice is not a choice, it needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.” Lovato is using her voice to help end global poverty through her charity work.

Global poverty can be minimized through small actions, as it all adds up. Celebrities like Demi Lovato are often involved in charities, especially ones that are helping impoverished countries. Not only does that leave a positive impact, but it also helps alleviate global poverty.

Demi Lovato has struggled through her own mental health issues, and she is using her experiences to help those suffering globally. Demi Lovato’s Iraq visit has changed the lives of struggling children for the better. Lovato’s dedication to working with Global Citizen and Save the Children to help improve the lives of impoverished children in Iraq is genuinely making a difference in reducing global poverty.

– Kelly Kipfer
Photo: Google


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