YouTubers Making a Difference On and Off Screen


SEATTLE, Washington — Many people know YouTubers for the entertaining skits they produce or the crazy pranks they pull. However, most viewers are not aware that many of their favorite creators also have a second passion: humanitarian activism. Many content creators are passionate about humanitarian work in their local communities and the world beyond. So, let’s take a look at some YouTubers making a difference that you should know about:

5 YouTubers Making a Difference:

  1. John Green has more than 11.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He is best known for his channel Crash Course and his bestselling novel “The Fault in Our Stars.” However, when Green is not creating content, he is giving back to the community. Green is one of the directors of The Foundation to Decrease World Suck, whose main objective is to raise money to donate to other nonprofit organizations. They mainly raise money and awareness for their organization through their annual event the Project for Awesome. They hosted the first Project for Awesome in 2007. It’s a unique event where YouTube creators collaborate to raise money by creating sponsored videos that highlight various organizations working around the world to effect change. For example, some partnered organizations include SavetheChildren and Partners in Health. In 2018, ProjectforAwesome raised roughly $1.5 million.

  2. Jacksepticeye is a viral content creator best known for his energetic video-game commentary and reaction videos. Throughout his years in the spotlight, Jacksepticeye has hosted many charitable Livestream events to raise money for various causes. Recently, in April 2020, he hosted a COVID-19 Charity Livestream Event that he titled #HopefromHome. The event raised a global total of $1.5 million for the COVID-19 relief effort.

  3. Milena Ciciotti is a Christian YouTuber who makes faith-based lifestyle videos. Ciciotti also hosts a popular Christian podcast with her husband Jordan called As for Me and My House. Recently, the Ciciottis have decided to partner with the nonprofit, Compassion. It is an organization committed to assisting children and mothers in poverty worldwide by supplying necessities and conducting missionary work. The organization currently has ministries in over 25 countries. Moreover, the Ciciottis will bring awareness to the organization through their podcast by encouraging their listeners to sponsor a child in need, helping Compassion raise money through its primary method of donations.

  4. YouTuber Jack Harries is a documentary filmmaker and climate activist who depicts stories centered around environmental improvement. In 2015, in honor of his 22nd birthday, the YouTuber partnered with Charity: Water to raise money to fund global safe drinking water projects. Through this campaign, the YouTuber raised more than $13,000. Additionally, Harries is currently an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, a nonprofit organization focused on environmental conservation. Through their improvement of ecosystems, the organization promotes the betterment of communities by increasing vulnerable populations’ access to food and sustaining the ecosystems from which many rural communities gain their livelihoods.

  5. Lilly Singh creates comedic skits for nearly 15 million subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, UNICEF named Singh a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2017. Through this position, she traveled to Central India to support Youth4Change, which encourages vulnerable adolescents to take a stand on issues that impact them the most such as gender equality and protection from violence.

These YouTubers making a difference have set the standard for upcoming internet stars. They are prime examples of celebrities utilizing their viral platforms to positively impact global causes. Their selfless actions are sure to impact the communities and causes they have supported for years to come.

– Kira Lucas
Photo: Wikimedia


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