World Vision’s COVID-19 Response for Children and Families


SOUTHINGTON, Connecticut — World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that focuses on protecting children worldwide through various sources of humanitarian aid. A variety of celebrities, such as Hugh Jackman, Hilary Duff and Matthew McConaghey, support the organization because it works to protect children and families in need throughout the world. The organization focuses its efforts on maintaining education, nutrition, clean water and sanitation in approximately 100 countries. This article focuses on World Vision’s COVID-19 response.


Franklin Jones, the head of Disaster Relief in World Vision India, found complications in getting personal protection equipment (PPE) to India at the beginning of COVID-19. Jones told The Borgen Project that “the first 15 to 20 days were a huge challenge.” PAN (Presence Across Nation) India needed PPE kits throughout India. World Vision India was able to provide PPE kits to medical personnel, patients, line responders, integrated child development programs and public areas after finding PPE producers and distributors in India. Personal donations, obtaining PPE from India complete with transportation for distribution made distribution possible. The government in India also gave permission to distribute the PPE within three months of the pandemic lockdown in March.

At the same time, World Vision India implemented a cash voucher system to help quarantined people in India. Jones told The Borgen Project that the organization focused the cash voucher program to reach around 2,000 to 3,000 families with cash transfers or with commodity vouchers.” The vouchers were helpful because some families could not accept cash transfers of five thousand rupees ($68.51). The people could use the commodity vouchers to buy food and other necessities in World Vision’s 128 locations in India.

Education in India

World Vision has also taught children about the effects of child marriage and child labor, which has given children a passion for education. The organization helped prevent cases of child marriage during COVID-19 in West Bengal through the help of the World Vision Anti Child Trafficking Group and the community of the Hena Girls Power Group in India. Jones informed The Borgen Project that most schools have not reopened in many parts the country. ”

Prior to reopening schools, India should complete some necessary precautions of verifying how much PPE needs to be distributed and implementing more contact-free handwashing stations, according to Jones. The current plan for in-person schools in Assam and other select states in India is for a staggered opening. In February, classes six to 12 reopened for in-person attendance.

The Philippines

World Vision provides support to children living in the Philippines with a focus on health, well-being, education and protection of children and their families. As part of World Vision’s COVID-19 response, its volunteers relayed messages related to hygiene from the Philippines while teaching children to wash their hands. World Vision has maintained its natural disaster response by delivering necessary supplies to areas in need.

A COVID-19 response plan to distribute sanitation and disinfection kits to hospitals, along with cash transfers and food distribution to families supported by World Vision Philippines, was made possible through partnerships and collaboration. World Vision Philippines Celebrity Ambassador Gretchen Ho also conducted a live stream entitled “Girl Talk” in late September 2020. This live stream was to support the 1,000 Girls campaign that empowers women to work towards their goals.

Continuing the Support

World Vision has been supported by celebrities around the world because the organization continues to work to protect children. World Vision’s COVID-19 Response maintains disaster relief along with its mission of protecting children around the world. Through the work of volunteers and directors, World Vision has been able to spread support among beneficiaries as it helps implement plans for education and COVID-19 safety around the world.

Evan Winslow
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