WATCH: Half the Sky Movement – The Game


The authors of the New York Times bestseller, “Half the Sky Movement”, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn, have partnered with various NGO’s and notably, Zynga to create a game for social good.

The power of social media and internet technology in our world today is undeniable. It is a resource only beginning to be tapped for its philanthropic potential. So when the success of Half the Sky began to take off, its creators wanted to capitalize on using social media. In a collaboration with Zynga and Intel, “Half the Sky: The Game” will be released on Facebook March 4th.

The aim is for the game to not only entertain its users but to acquaint them with the plight of women and girls all over the world. As gamers play through the plot lines of various female characters, they can unlock real-life donations sponsored by corporations and NGO’s (including the Rockefeller Foundation, Johnson & Johnson and others). These donations represent more than a simple donation to a charity on your behalf. Real people around the world will directly benefit from things like life-saving surgeries, livestock etc. It is another reminder that while we may not all have the time or the resources to go out and help a girl or a woman in need, most of us have more than enough time for CityVille, 21 Questions, Poker, Bejeweled or whatever our personal favorite happens to be. So, join the Half the Sky Movement and Facebook next month and game on for social good!

Morgan Forde
Source: YouTube
Photo: Flickr


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