USAID Teacher Education Program in Pakistan


The Teacher Education Program in Pakistan is a program by USAID that aims to create educational reforms through the government of Pakistan, to recreate the curriculum of University degrees in education. The USAID Teacher Education Program in Pakistan has a $75 million budget to help implement new policies and standards in universities across Pakistan, in order to give future teachers the tools necessary to properly educate other Pakistanis in the future. Part of this program is the creation of a 2- and 4-year degree in Education for Pakistani students.

USAID works directly with the Pakistani government, their Higher Education Commission, and local governmental education departments to help fulfill their individual needs. Pakistan, and its various localities, determine what they need to improve their education system as a whole, and the USAID Teacher Education Program in Pakistan helps to make those changes a reality.

The Teacher Education Program in Pakistan works in various cities and locations across the nation, such as Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. In Sindh alone, the program has trained nearly 1,200 participants, and hired over 200 staff for educational colleges. In Balochistan, the program has developed educational improvement plans for 8 colleges, and has trained about 1,000 people.

Through the Teacher Education Program in Pakistan, USAID also awards various scholarships to worthy individuals. In July of 2012, USAID gave scholarships to 147 students from Punjab. These students all attended the recently-introduced 2- and 4-year Education programs in Punjab. More recently, 150 students living in Azad Jammu & Kashmir also received scholarships. This program intends to give out a total of 1,900 scholarships across the country. The intent of USAID is to give Pakistan long-term care in their education systems, rather than temporary relief, by giving high-quality education to the future teachers of Pakistan.

Overall, USAID has a strong commitment to increase the basic education quality of the country through the Teacher Education Program in Pakistan.

– Corina Balsamo

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Photo: Flickr


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