UN Offers Free Online Courses on Development, Peace-Keeping, and More


Ask anyone what they would do with three wishes and odds are many would include ‘world peace’ on their list. Today, global poverty, hunger, and violent crises seem like such insurmountable problems that the only way to stop them would be to rub a lamp and hope. While it is true that not every person can join the Blue Helmets or the Peace Corps, in this era of social media and incredibly innovative online technology, it is getting easier and easier for everyone to contribute to the cause in their own unique way. That being said, when it comes to international issues, a large barrier between the average person and activism is the belief that they lack sufficient knowledge to speak with authority on the issues they care about.

The prevalence of online professional courses in recent years has made this hurdle easier than ever to overcome, occasionally with the added benefit of accreditation (receiving either college credit or an official certificate in many cases). If you are one of those people on the fence about whether or not to get involved in the fight against world hunger, poverty, gender discrimination etc. getting educated is a great first step to building confidence in your own skills, and can make you a valuable asset to those you choose to get involved with. The Internet is brimming with free online courses in a variety of topics. Topics cover everything from environmental studies to development, peace-keeping and violent conflict prevention studies.

For a full list of the courses offered, click here. It’s never too late to get involved, but the first step is getting educated about the issues that matter to you!

– Morgan Forde

Image: Think Well


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