Top Quotes by the Royal Family about Global Poverty


LONDON, United Kingdom — The British royal family it the most watched and the most talked about family of all time. They are known for many things, among them for the tremendous support in questions of global poverty. This article will give a more in-depth look at the top quotes by the Royals intended to help fight global poverty and their actions towards it. In this case, voices are just as important as actions.

Queen Elizabeth II Quotes and Impact

Some of the most famous quotes by the royal Queen Elizabeth II of poverty are as follows:

  • “Poverty is being ignored and more should be done to fight it.”
  • “Poor people and their problems don’t get reported often, and they need all the assistance they can be given.”
  • “Some cultures believe a long life brings wisdom. I’d like to think so. Perhaps part of that wisdom is to recognize some of life’s baffling paradoxes, such as the way human beings have a huge propensity for good, and yet a capacity for evil. Even the power of faith, which frequently inspires great generosity and self-sacrifice, can fall victim to tribalism.”

Queen Elizabeth II has served as patron for more than 600 charity organizations, the majority of which she has served for more than 60 years. These organizations include the British Red Cross, Cancer Research U.K., Blind Veterans U.K. and Save the Children U.K. In addition, she hosts several garden parties at Buckingham Palace every year, raising money for various organizations that help those in need.

Prince Harry’s Quotes and Impact

  • “There are children who have never had the chance to talk about their illness, and who had no idea that they were one of so many in their age group. It was really emotional watching them interact with each other. Some really outgoing chatty kids, others slightly overwhelmed, but all with huge smiles. This confirmed to me again that what we’re doing is going to change thousands of children’s lives, and hopefully save a generation.”

In 2009, Prince Harry co-founded The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry with his older brother Prince William. The Foundation focuses on giving guidance and support to disadvantaged young people, as well as building awareness on sustainable development and environmental conservation. They also care about the welfare armed forces members and their families. After taking over his mother’s patronage duties at Centre point, Harry highlights the plight of the homeless by spending a night on the street in 2009, as well as dropping by homeless shelters and answering calls on homeless helplines.

Prince William’s Quotes and Impact

  • “You get affected by things that happen around the world a lot more as a father, just because you realize how precious life is.”

Since becoming a dad in 2013, Prince William’s priorities have changed. He raises funds frequently for various charitable causes. In 2009, he and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have established the Royal Wedding Charity Fund to support various causes around the world. Prince William’s extensive charity work includes his patronage of Tusk Trust as well.

Meghan Markle’s Quotes and Impact

  • “I think there’s a misconception that access to clean water is just about clean drinking water. Access to clean water in a community keeps young girls in school because they aren’t walking hours each day to source water for their families. It allows women to invest in their own businesses and community. It promotes grassroots leadership, and, of course, it reinforces the health and wellness of children and adults. Every single piece of it is so interconnected, and clean water, this one life source, is the key to it all.”
  • “During my time in the field, many girls shared that they feel embarrassed to go to school during their periods, ill-equipped with rags instead of pads, unable to participate in sports, and without bathrooms available to care for themselves, they often opt to drop out of school entirely. All of these factors perpetuate the cycle of poverty and stunt a young girl’s dream for a more prolific future.”

Meghan Markle was a global ambassador for World Vision, the world’s largest international children’s charity, from 2016 to 2017. Meghan is a supporter of young women who grew up in poverty. She traveled to Rwanda in early 2016 with World Vision to see first-hand the importance of clean water.

Princess Diana’s Quotes and Impact

  • “Young person deserves a proper start in life, and those who have no family to turn to, need to rely on us as a society (to give) the help, the encouragement they need.”

Diana said this quote in a 1995 speech for the homeless charity Centrepoint, a youth organization for which she was a patron. Diana met people from all walks of life, including the poor and downtrodden, through the more than 100 causes she supported.

These top quotes by the Royals are important to help fight global poverty and their actions as well as voices for charities. Having the most famous family in the world show their support to such a global problem of poverty gives the world hope to a better future. These people are able to use their positions to help the less fortunate and connecting different communities and age groups in an effort to eradicate poverty.

– Ariel Deahl

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