Tom Brady’s Global Charity Work


SEATTLE, Washington — Tom Brady is one of the top football players in the National Football League. He’s been in the game for 20 years and led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl wins. Along with his impressive football record, Brady also helps out his community and the global community. Below is a description of Tom Brady’s global charity work.

Best Buddies International

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) from being isolated from the rest of the world. The organization helps people with disabilities make friends in school and find jobs in their communities. Brady is one of the main contributors to the organization. He has raised $46.5 million for this charity over the past 20 years.

For 16 years, Brady served as an honorary co-chair for an annual bike, running and walking event. However, in December of 2019, he took up a new role as a global ambassador. Tom Brady’s charity work for Best Buddies does not end with just donations. Brady also attends events and meets new people to support Best Buddies International.

Poverty in Africa

Tom Brady is a huge activist for reducing poverty in Africa. In 2004, the football star took a trip to Ghana and Uganda with an organization called debt AIDS trade Africa (DATA) where he visited medical clinics, schools and other locations in order to learn about how U.S. aid to end poverty in Africa changes communities. Some locations he visited during the trip were a public primary school and an HIV/AIDS clinic in Uganda. Both of these locations were funded in part by U.S. foreign aid. In an interview, Brady stated, “I saw the best and brightest of the human spirit in the face of incredible poverty that most of us just can’t comprehend. When you see what CAN be done, it’s impossible to not be driven to do more — the needs are still overwhelming.”

TB12 Foundation

In 2015, Brady founded his own nonprofit organization called the TB12 Foundation. The organization is dedicated to providing health resources and economic support to athletes who want to reach their performance goals. The organization works to provide healthcare to people from low-income families or people who would not be able to access resources for their sports. The organization hosts an annual marathon in Boston each year where participants work to raise money to provide healthcare help for people around the world. Last year, the participants in the marathon raised more than $125,000.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Tom Brady participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he meets and talks to sick children. In 2019, he and his teammates met with five children, gave them a tour of the Patriots stadium and treated them to dinner.

Tom Brady is one of the many people who use their stardom as a platform to give back to the poor and make a difference in the lives of many people. Tom Brady’s global charity work extends to many people all around the world, and he continues to change lives every day.

Shveta Shah
Photo: Flickr

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