Timbaland on the Beats, Runnin’ Donations on the Scene


SEATTLE — Hip-hop’s futuristic music man Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley has a reputation producing beats laced with Indian samples, beatboxing and giggling infantile soundbites. But beyond artistry, the producer dedicates his musical clock-out hours to AIDS initiatives, cancer fundraisers and community drives.

The year 2004 was the first for Mr. Mosley to explore the philanthropic platform through discussions of readying a benefit single (“The World Is Ours”) that funded YouthAIDS. Plans soon fell through, but the hypnotic beat maker would recharge his magic years later with the same organization on an entirely different, and more refined gig.

“Think. Before you take the action,” sounds Timbaland in a Feb. 2008 monotone visual advertisement produced by clothing firm H&M.

Partnering with “Fashion Against AIDS,” the superproducer was tapped to design his own wear free of charge to support YouthAIDS. His custom made shirts sold well at H&M retailers, where 25 percent of proceeds collected would forward to Population Services International’s (PSI) HIV/AIDS centers by reaching 600 million youths in more than 60 countries.

H&M executives keyed in on notifying teenagers that their age group is the 50 percent make up of modern HIV cases.

As the campaign reached new heights, Timbaland migrated to the Feb. 2008 fundraising event “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi & UNICEF” for more support in urging attention for HIV/AIDS. Handpicked by pop star and Malawi’s founder Madonna, Timbo was placed in line as a performer for the evening gathering.

A total of $5.5 million in ticket sales racked in, of which all proceeds went directly to both UNICEF and Raising Malawi. Raising Malawi hopes to expand health and educational tools in their established units sheltering 600 Malawian orphans, serving as a building block to decreasing the orphaned rate of 11 million sub-Saharan African children brought on by AIDS.

Repeating just about the same success, Mosley fired up his charm that same year for the nationwide telethon “Stand Up to Cancer” and follow-up special “Fashion Rocks,” performing an upbeat medley with a host of colleagues. Reports calculated that a combined $100 million was collected for American Cancer Society’s mission in resolving 1.4 million cancer cases.

By 2013, Timbaland was among the faces televised in the Gucci concert venue “Chime of Change Presents: The Sound of Change Live!” PR agents relayed that with one billion viewers hailing from six continents, the goal in shedding light on the overlooked crises of impoverished women facing illiteracy and costly pregnancies could come true.

Taping live from London, the musical experience seated 50,000 guests and successfully raised $4.3 million from the show’s ticket sales. All proceeds were directed to an approximate 200 project count and 70 international countries, recorded by “The Daily Beast,” as longing intent to awaken female equality in obstructing regions.

These days, if he is not in the studio cooking up some hot beats for Grammy winners like Missy Elliott or Justin Timberlake, you can best believe that the acclaimed King of the Beats the world knows as Timbaland is either giving back to his native Virginia or simply straddling key movements to bring the globe at an informed state.

Jeff Varner

Photo: Flickr


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