Three Avocados Is Fighting the Global Water Crisis


SEATTLE, Washington — Water is a necessity for drinking, cleaning and hydrating animals and crops. It is needed all over the world. Access to safe water is becoming harder to come by as one in nine people lack access to safe water and one in three lack access to a toilet, according to Water.Org.  However, the Three Avocados is fighting the global water crisis and has made a significant impact.

The Water Crisis

Globally, 785 million people live without access to clean water. Many who lack clean water live in small rural areas where they have to walk hours to collect water for their family. This keeps children out of school and creates a dangerous walk to get water. Furthermore, the water they are able to get could have diseases, which can make people sick. Greater access to clean water can improve “education, income and health” globally.

According to Charity: Water, “diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence.” Additionally, women in Africa spend “40 billion hours a year walking for water.” This clearly shows how much of an impact clean, easily accessible water can make. The Three Avocados has saved and improved many lives fighting the global water crisis.

Three Avocados

Three Avocados is a non-profit coffee company that started its journey in Bulopa, Uganda. The village had invited the founders to worship at the church. This is where they got the inspiration for their name. The name comes from a story where a woman gave up her three avocados at that church so “someone else could eat.” All she had were those avocados. It was an incredible gift that inspired the people to discover more ways they could help and care for the poor throughout the world.

The company’s website shows 100% of the net proceeds from coffee sold goes towards fighting the global water crisis. As a coffee company, this brand provides a socially responsible choice for buying a simple, every-day product.

The Impact

Three Avocados has already made a large difference in many people’s lives. It has reached a total of 59,571 people. One of its most recent projects was installing water purification systems and storage tanks in Hauy Tong and Ban Nong Jet Nuay Village, Thailand. This has provided drinking water to 1,357 children and families. The company has also completed projects in Bolivia, Uganda and Ghana repairing well damages, providing sanitation and giving access to clean water to thousands of people.

Three Avocados also provided access to clean water to three primary schools in Uganda, Awiny Primary School, Alwala Primary School and Amuria Primary School, instead of using an unprotected well with many potentially dangerous bacteria and diseases. One school even had a borehole for water before the new clean water source was introduced. This water “reduces the length of travel for clean water as well as stress on the borehole in the neighboring village.”

Three Avocados is fighting the global water crisis in an extraordinary project with amazing results. Water is a basic need for everyone around the world. Nobody can go without it. By implementing new wells, purifications systems and sanitation, residents in Uganda, Thailand and other developing countries don’t need to worry about dangerous walks, bacteria or lack of access to clean water.

Sienna Bahr
Photo: Flickr


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