The Importance of the Brees Dream Foundation


SEATTLE, Washington — Drew Brees is a future hall of fame quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and has the all-time record in passing yards and touchdowns. While he has helped his team win games and secure a Super Bowl victory, he also works hard off the field through his charitable cause — the Brees Dream Foundation.


The Brees Dream Foundation is an organization started by Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, in 2003 to improve the life of cancer patients. This work is especially important considering that the life of a cancer patient after they received proper treatment and are cured is often more complicated than many believe.

According to Dr. Hester Hill Schnipper from her blog “Living With Cancer,” most patients and families are expected to be back to their normal way of living after they are cured of cancer. “It takes at least as long as the total duration of treatment to feel fully physically and emotionally well,” Schnipper said. Drew Brees and his organization recognized this issue and used the contributions from donations to help cancer patients receive the proper care needed in order to get back on their feet.

Other Initiatives

According to Global Citizen, the main education issues poverty-stricken areas face include lack of funding, untrained teachers, lack of classrooms and supplies and the cost of going to school. The Brees Dream Foundation not only helps to make sure children obtain school supplies but has also helped build schools in some of the poorer areas in different countries with the money raised throughout the years.

The organization also assists at-risk children to stay out of trouble by getting them involved in American football. Teaching life skills such as fitness, finances and setting goals to kids aged 10 to 16 years old is another important part of the Foundation as well.

As of 2019, the organization raised more than $33 million and contributed globally to help individuals and families who desperately needed proper care. With the money raised, the Brees Dream Foundation funded trips to boost military morale in countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. It also improved education in these countries as well by helping children receive school supplies such as notebooks and backpacks.

Award-Winning Humanitarian

While families around the world praised Brees for his contributions and donations of millions of dollars, he has also been honored with different awards. Since 2003, Brees received numerous philanthropic awards celebrating the work of the Brees Dream Foundation including the prestigious Horizon Award for Excellence. He also received the NFL’s Humanitarian Award, which recognized the NFL player who contributed the most to their community and different charities.

– Reese Furlow
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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