Support The Reach Every Mother and Child Act This Mother’s Day


WASHINGTON D.C. — Infant, child and maternal deaths are severe problems in this world today, especially for mothers in developing countries. Supporting underprivileged vulnerable mothers across the globe can make a life-saving difference, and one way to aid mothers in need today is to support the Reach Every Mother and Child Act this Mother’s Day.

The Value of A Minute

Setting aside a day solely for honoring mothers and mother figures is a common annual practice for countries all across the globe, and this year, May 13th was the day of celebration for mothers in the United States. Recognizing the strength and support mothers provide can come in several different ways – from appreciating the influence of a mother, grandmother, stepmother, godmother or mother figure, to helping mothers in need around the world.

Although the world has reduced mortality rates for mothers and children under 5 by more than one half since 1990, there is still plenty of progress to be made. Over 16,000 kids under the age of five are still dying every day from pneumonia, dehydration, diarrhea and other preventable and treatable causes. Additionally, every day 800 women die from preventable complications related to childbirth and pregnancy.

Support The Reach Every Mother and Child Act This Mother’s Day

However, with the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, the world is put on a path to save the lives of 600,000 women and 15 million children by 2020, and stop these avoidable deaths altogether globally by 2035. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act is a bipartisan bill that will improve the United States’ approach to providing lifesaving aid to women and children across the globe. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act works with USAID for a comprehensive strategy that puts cost-effective, proven interventions first to prevent tragic deaths of mothers and children.

The bill was first introduced in 2015 by U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Chris Coons (D-DE) to strengthen U.S. government efforts to end preventable deaths of mothers, newborns, and young children globally. In August 2017, The Reach Every Mother and Child Act was reintroduced in both the House (H.R. 4022) and the Senate (S.1730).

Future Impact

The bill directs the President to run a five-year strategy towards ending preventable child and maternal deaths in developing nations around the world and guarantee healthy and productive lives by 2030; and provide assistance to carry out the strategy. Currently, 86 Democrats and 60 Republicans of Congress have cosponsored the bill. However, the bipartisan legislation still has yet to pass the House, Senate and be signed by the President — all necessary step for the bill to come into effect.

Take action and support the Reach Every Mother and Child Act this Mother’s Day. Ask members of Congress to support and cosponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act here. This bill will help pass this crucial legislation and provide mothers and infants with proper medical care, clean birthing practices, vaccines, nutritional supplements and other basic needs they urgently need to survive.

– Natalie Shaw
Photo: Unsplash


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