KPop Group to Raise Funds for Global Poverty


SEATTLE, Washington — Korean Pop, more commonly known as KPop, has been on the rise in the last few years with groups like BTS, EXO and BLACKPINK topping the music charts. However, one group, in particular, is making even more of a global impact. KPop group SuperM raises funds for global poverty, specifically through their Global Citizen Campaign. The group has been able to do so by using their platform and partnership with Korean Air.

SuperM is a Korean pop boy band featuring seven members: Taemin of SHINee, Kai and Baekhyun of EXO and Taeyong, Mark, Ten and Lucas of NCT. Baekhyun, Ten and Taemin are the main vocalists of the group while Kai, Lucas, Mark and Taeyong are lead rappers.

Korean Air Safety Video

The KPop group, SuperM, raises funds for global poverty in partnership with Korean Air, Korea’s largest airline. As part of the partnership, SuperM is starring in a five-minute flight safety video. The video features the group’s newest song “Let’s Go Everywhere.” Korean Air hopes to use the flight safety video to raise even more awareness of Korean culture and the KPop phenomenon.

Korean Air described the video as “unconventional, innovative and entertaining.” The video appears to be a usual KPop music video, but it includes flight safety information in a subliminal way. The airline has also released photos of planes that feature the group members as well as a look at the new airline upgrades.

Donations to the Global Citizen Campaign

SuperM also raises funds for global poverty through the proceeds of their song, “Let’s Go Everywhere.” The group donated the proceeds to the Global Citizen Campaign, run by the Global Poverty Project. In September, members Mark and Taeyong performed at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. The released the song on Nov. 18. SuperM’s previous work with the foundation influenced the decision to raise funds for global poverty. Furthermore, the band will be performing in September 2020 for Global Citizen’s Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream Concert.

According to its website, the Global Poverty Project’s mission is “to build a movement of 100 million action-taking global citizens to help achieve [its]vision of ending extreme poverty by 2030.” Its partnerships allow celebrities and everyday people to take action in helping to eradicate global poverty. This can be achieved by learning about the systemic causes of extreme poverty and taking action on those causes.

SuperM and Global Citizen Efforts

In donating the proceeds from their new song, SuperM is raising monetary aid for global poverty. This will help the foundation by raising awareness of its cause and for financial needs the foundation faces. Anyone can become a global citizen by raising further awareness and educating themselves about the causes of poverty. The Global Poverty Project also accepts donations and features articles, updates and news stories focusing on those living in extreme poverty. While KPop stars help bring large-scale awareness to these issues, anyone can assist in reducing global poverty.

Darci Flatley
Photo: Pixabay


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