The Success of Humanitarian Aid to China


Over the past 100 years, China has been a generous donor of humanitarian aid to many other countries in the world, including to nations with which it had been at war. China has also endured quite a few disasters and this has elicited logistic support from all over the world. The success of humanitarian aid to China can be exemplified with a few cases.

Take Project Hope as an example. On Oct. 30, 1989, the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) and the Communist Youth League (CYL) Central Committee jointly founded Project Hope. It is a Chinese public service project with the purpose of building up primary schools in rural areas to support children whose families cannot afford their education. CYDF also aims to improve the fundamental infrastructure of education and quality of teaching in those poverty-stricken regions.

Over the past 28 years, CYDF has supported more than 5.5 million students in more than 19,000 schools. Humanitarian aid for this project came from many nations in the form of volunteer teachers from abroad, tutorials on music, fine arts and sports to promote the holistic development of children.

In 1998, a heavy flood of the Yangtze River caused 4,150 deaths and a huge economic loss. Humanitarian aid to China came not only from Chinese fellow citizens in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, but from governments and individuals in the United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Canada, the U.S. and Japan. Humanitarian aid to China strongly supported rescue and recovery of Chinese residents who suffered from that disaster.

Another example of humanitarian aid to China was the response to the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. On May 16, 2008, four days after the earthquake took place, four rescue teams comprised of 237 members from Japan, Russia, Singapore and South Korea arrived in Chengdu one after another. As the first international emergency rescue team accepted by the Chinese government, they utilized technology of their own to help in the search for any possible person who was still buried in the rubble.

On May 25, 2008, an Israeli aircraft landed in Chengdu carrying about 90 tons of rescue materials such as medicine, water purification kits, generators, tents, clothing and sleeping bags, which provided urgent care for the earthquake survivors.

For many countries who needs help in the world, China often generously offers a hand of humanitarian aid as early as possible. While people in China were enduring hard times such as natural disasters, humanitarian aid from all over the world not only supports the recovery but also encourages people to behave with strength and love their lives. The success of humanitarian aid to China shines as a model of human kindness.

– Xin Gao

Photo: Flickr


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