Continuous Strides for the Global Food Security Act


WASHINGTON D.C. — On July 20, 2016, strides for the Global Food Security Act were recognized when the act was signed into law, pushing a Feed the Future initiative to develop a food security strategy for the entire world. Now, strides for the Global Security Act are being made for stability and accountability.

Twelve countries were selected for investment: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda. This step forward in addressing the issue of poverty and aiding in harnessing the power of agriculture to feed their people was accomplished by much hard work done on the ground by citizens fighting Congress for action.

After thousands of letters and tens of thousands of calls to Congress, action was finally put into law. The Feed the Future initiative has already helped nearly 7 million smallholder farmers and producers to improve crop yields. This effort has reached nearly 12.5 million children with nutrition programs.

One year later, the next step is to create a strategy to help this initiative grow and propel people all over the world out of poverty. Food security “is a basic justice issue for people around the world today,” said Senator Bob Casey, “We have an obligation to do all we can to reduce the likelihood that an individual anywhere in the world suffers from hunger, malnutrition, food insecurity.”

Programs such as USAID have made initiatives in reducing poverty through academic and agribusiness education; although progress has been made, one year later is no time for complacency.

As this act works to promote transparency and accountability, USAID now calls for performance monitoring indicators to ensure the implementation of such efforts.

The U.S. now plans to build on the success of the Feed the Future initiative and work with local stakeholders to review progress and opportunities for aid. Increased focus on nutritional programs for women and children and emphasis on developing a strategy in each country are part of the developments currently in motion.

Such strides for the Global Food Security act provides increased accountability to ensure that such action actually gets put into practice. With the help of people on the ground, those in Congress can make change and facilitate stability.

Tucker Hallowell
Photo: Flickr


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