Stop Hunger Now Downsizes Hunger


RALEIGH, N.C. — Stop Hunger Now (SHN,) an international nonprofit organization, is on a mission to eradicate world hunger. By delivering millions of nutrient-dense meals across the world, the organization is making progress in ending global food insecurity.

In order to deliver meals, SHN collaborates with existing development organizations. Each prospective partner organization is carefully evaluated to determine its potential for impact. The effectiveness of that organization’s current projects and their capacity to deliver meals are both taken into account.

Currently, SHN works with over 30 different nonprofits, each with its own focus, to help deliver its meals, including organizations centered on education, youth, agriculture and health. Each partner organization has already developed a rapport within the communities in which they work — a relationship from which SHN can benefit to more easily expand its reach without developing its own network.

The packaged meals are made up of high-protein dehydrated rice and have simple cooking instructions. According to SHN, one-third of people in developing countries suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so each meal is packed with over 20 essential nutrients.

The organization relies on volunteers from all over the globe to package its meals. Many different types of groups have organized packaging events, from schools to corporations to religious congregations.

These volunteer groups raise the money to buy the necessary materials. Each meal costing only 29 cents. Then, the groups utilize their collective productivity to package as many meals as possible during packaging events. SHN has found that, in a two-hour period, a group of 40-50 volunteers can prepare and package 10,000 meals. That is a lot of full stomachs for a very minimal amount of work.

SHN also uses meal packaging events as platforms to invigorate volunteers and as teaching opportunities. When people realize the amazing impact their own volunteerism can make, they become motivated to do more, and the organization makes efforts to facilitate this experience.

SHN’s approaches have proven successful over the past few years. In 2012 alone, the organization, with the help of over 80,000 volunteers, packaged and shipped over 26 million meals to 28 different countries.

Mesi Anpil, an affiliate of the SHN partner organization Citihope International, described the impact meal distribution has had on youth in the Dominican Republic:

“These children come from families that cannot supply even one meal a day for their children and don’t understand the purpose of education… We do not consider these meals to be ‘charity,’ but a real investment in humanity.”

SHN is making a serious difference across the globe by providing food-insecure people with high-protein, low-cost meals. In addition, efforts are being made to create sustainability, providing people with their initial meals and then creating the structures needed to ensure food security in the future.

The organization has stated that its mission is “to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.”

SHN has made great progress in completing this goal over the past few years, and its army of volunteers has been growing, providing hope that the organization will be able to complete its mission of eliminating world hunger.

Sources: Charity Navigator, Stop Hunger Now
Photo: The Rosetta Foundation


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