Startup Companies Fighting Global Poverty


TACOMA, Washington — Companies can do so much more than simply making a profit and sitting on their riches. A company can provide jobs, give back to local communities and help those stricken by poverty around the world. Furthermore, they can donate money and supplies or educate communities on things like agriculture and health. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some startup companies fighting global poverty and what they do to help those in need.

Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor helps farmers from rural Africa increase their crop yield thanks to the technology available in their tractors. The data that comes from these tractors alerts farmers when maintenance checks are recommended or required to keep said tractors running properly. Additionally, it helps them determine potential income generation and helps farmers receive financing so they can eventually purchase their own tractors. The company connects tractor owners to farmers, mostly in Nigeria and Kenya who struggle to produce enough food for their families. Connecting farmers to that technology ultimately helps them feed those in need. One way it ensures lasting change is by making farming more appealing to younger generations. This ensures equitable, sustainable farming practices are there to stay.


Many impoverished communities lack the financial resources necessary to bring their community out of poverty. Rafode is a company based in Kenya that provides financial support to communities like these. Its core values are stewardship, integrity, innovation and diversity. Their various financial supports include agriculture loans, school loans and emergency loans. Furthermore, there is no deposit required for financial support. The company’s mission is  “to provide affordable financial services that positively transforms and enriches communities.” Rafode focuses on rural areas in Kenya and currently, about 85% of its market is women. To date, the business has distributed loans totaling 700 million Kenya Shillings.


Homelessness and poverty are often issues that correlate. Unhoused is a company that aims to address both of those issues by helping the homeless in the UK. They have a unique initiative that makes it so someone gets to see their donation in action. For each item of clothing purchased, Unhoused donates one to the homeless in need. After the transaction, they send you a picture, video or message of the donated piece of clothing being used. This initiative also extends to things like haircuts and sanitary or dental kits. Additionally, the clothes that Unhoused distributes are self-cleaning thanks to FreshTech technology. Unhoused works with the Salvation Army, Sewa UK and Healthy Living Projects to distribute their donations.

Poverty is something that affects everyone. Therefore, in their own way, startup companies are fighting global poverty while also expanding their businesses. Whether it’s Hello Tractor helping farmers in Nigeria, helping rural people in Kenya with financing like Rafode or helping the homeless in the UK like Unhoused, startups can be influential in helping those in need. Startup companies fighting global poverty are playing a crucial part in helping reduce global poverty around the world.

Zachary Laird
Photo: Flickr


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