Spotlight: Senator Elizabeth Warren


WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the upcoming 2018 Senate elections, many have their eyes on Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has announced that she will be running for re-election. Senator Elizabeth Warren is well known for her fight for progressive action regarding women and children, nationally and internationally. Her support of several foreign assistance bills and resolutions exemplifies the importance of the U.S. lending a helping hand to those in need.

Regarding women and children, Senator Elizabeth Warren has cosponsored these three crucial bills which support the wellbeing of women and children in impoverished countries:

S.1730 – Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2017

Approximately three million preventable deaths occur each year due to malnutrition, pregnancy and childbirth. Women and children in impoverished nations are suffering from causes that are avoidable but lack the funds and strategy to tackle the issue.

This legislation would call on the U.S. to create a plan to focus on the unique and basic needs of impoverished countries, to lower the maternal, infant and childhood mortality rates. It would require the U.S. to set, track and report goals which support this cause, encourage USAID to use pay-for-outcome financing arrangements and encourage the nations toward self-sustainability.

S.1580 – Protecting Girls’ Access to Education in Vulnerable Settings Act

Sixty-five million people have been displaced from their homes, half of whom are under the age of 18. This legislation was introduced to prioritize the access of primary and secondary education for these approximately 32.5 million children who are now refugees. It is crucial for these children to receive a quality education, and to specifically ensure that girls are included in these foreign assistance programs.

This bill will encourage nations to provide these refugees with safe and quality education, “enhance training and capacity-building for national governments hosting refugees” and promote the hosting of said refugees and innovative solutions to accommodate them. It will evaluate the effect of education on the lives of girls with reduce rates of forced labor, sex trafficking, child marriage and gender-based violence.

S.1178 – Vulnerable Children and Families Act of 2017

International adoptions into the U.S. have decreased a drastic 72 percent since 2004, and globally by half. Now more than ever, children around the world are in need of adoption into stable environments. The Vulnerable Children and Families Act of 2017 will restructure international adoption to the US, so more children in need are provided with safe, loving and quality families in a timely manner. This legislation would call for the U.S. to replace the current Office of Children’s Issues with a new Office of Vulnerable Children and Family Security (VCFS).

This office will center around family preservation and reunification, as well as international adoptions. The VCFS will create annual reports to Congress on the assistance the U.S. is providing to promote its goal of family preservation in foreign nations. This bill would also ensure that international child welfare and homes for vulnerable children are part of the conversation of U.S. foreign policy and international diplomacy.

While many political critics are unsure of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s stance on foreign aid and foreign policy, one thing is clear: Warren cares about the wellbeing and success of women, children and families around the globe.

When Senator Elizabeth Warren last spoke to The Borgen Project, she said: “Women and girls are tough, smart, and they are critical to international peace and security, both now and in the future. Our foreign assistance helps women and girls do more than survive – it breaks down barriers and stereotypes, makes their voices heard, and creates a more level playing field in countries around the world.”

– Courtney Hambrecht

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