Spotlight on Maya Rowencak


NEW YORK – Maya Rowencak is an inspiring woman who helps children living in extreme need, whether that be due to poverty, hunger, medical care, or all of the above.

Maya began her work in the summer of 2008. She was traveling on the subway when she noticed a little girl who seemed unhappy. She gave the little girl a piece of gum, which resulted in the little girl laughing and smiling at her. Maya, who felt love her whole life from her mother Maria Milagros Cruz Rowencak, realized at that moment that she wanted to spend her time with family-less children who needed to feel important and to feel love. There was a mutual benefit – Maya could make the children feel loved, and the children themselves helped Maya feel the same way, after her mother’s passing in 2007. This led to the formation of a non-profit charity called Maya’s Hope.

Maya’s Hope is a charity that focuses on children in developing countries, and more specifically the Philippines and Ukraine. Maya’s Hope sends aid to disadvantaged children that have extreme need, which includes food, medicine, school supplies, diapers, or clothing. These items go to orphanages around the world, as well as in response to international emergencies as they occur. The overall mission is to give the children hope and love, and to create a solid foundation on which the children can grow into a brighter future for themselves.

Maya once said, “If you’re wondering why I do this… I think it’s simply because I feel these children’s pain.” She told a story about a little girl named Kyla in 2008, who never got kissed goodnight. Her story touched Maya and made her cry. She wanted to make Kyla feel like a superstar, along with all other children.

Maya’s Hope is an organization made entirely of volunteers, and they all consider the children part of their family. 100% of contributions go straight to the children in need. The logo of the organization is a beautiful Lotus flower, because Maya sees the children as having roots like the flower, and with a little help, can grow into a vibrant, beautiful flower that is ready for the world.

The charity also currently sponsors 82 children in Bulacan, a province within the Philippines. On June 11, there was a film showing of “Buffalo Girls” to raise funds directly for the children. This sponsorship is called the Maya’s Hope Lotus Scholarship, which is only for children in the Philippines at this time, but may expand into other countries in the future.

$30 a month goes directly towards a child of the donator’s choice – the donator can choose a boy or girl, and will read backgrounds on children and decide which child to which they want to donate. This is done this way because the program is based on personal connections between children and those who want to help them.

Overall, Maya’s Hope is still a small organization, but even small organizations can make a big difference in the world. They are dedicated to helping children in need, and with more people in this world like Maya Rowencak, her dream of giving love to every child may one day be recognized.

– Corina Balsamo 

Source: GMA Network, Maya’s Hope, The Story Exchange
Photo: The Fil AM


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