Sophia Bush’s Philanthropy Aids the Impoverished


SEATTLE — Sophia Bush is an actress best known for her role as Brooke Davis on the popular television show One Tree Hill as well as movies such as John Tucker Must Die and The Hitcher. She is known not only for her talent but also for being an extremely outspoken philanthropist who dedicates a large amount of her time to helping charities that work to end global poverty. Sophia Bush’s dedication to helping those in need can be seen in the number of charities she partners with.  

Sophia Bush’s Philanthropy Includes Work with Charity: Water

An organization that has benefited from Sophia Bush’s philanthropy is Charity: Water, whose main focus is bringing water that is both clean and safe to people facing extreme poverty. Concerns over water issues have grown in recent years, with increases in shortages and reservoirs drying up. People living in developed countries do not know the desperation of being thirsty, and Charity: Water works to bring awareness to the plight of the 663 million people who do not have access to clean water. It invests in experienced organizations that help build sustainable and locally owned water systems worldwide. This organization has funded 28,389 water projects, allowing 8,236,681 people to have access to clean water in 26 different countries. Sophia Bush has been an outspoken advocate for Charity: Water for years, and has attended galas to raise support for the organization. 

Bush Partners with Environmental Organizations to Promote Sustainability

Another beneficiary of Sophia Bush’s philanthropy is Global Green, an organization whose projects work to advance sustainability, strong communities and affordable housing. It partners with local governments, schools and public agencies to advance solutions for climate change and improve the lives of those affected. Sophia Bush has worked closely with Global Green and has even been honored with its Do Something Twitter Award for her use of the social media platform to mobilize support and encourage people to do something to help improve the future.  

An affiliate of Global Green, Green Cross International, has also benefited from Sophia Bush’s philanthropy. Its mission is to resolve the challenges that can arise out of security issues, poverty and environmental problems to ensure a sustainable future. It operates under what it calls “Value Change” programs:

  • Education for environmental stability
  • Promoting values that align with creating a peaceful society
  • Organizing conversations

Green Cross International works ethically to both prevent and resolve the conflicts that can arise from environmental problems and scarce natural resources, with an emphasis on addressing global water shortages and energy problems.    

Pencils of Promise Sophia Bush Provide Tools for Educational Success

Sophia Bush’s philanthropy has also benefited an organization called Pencils of Promise. PoP was founded with the knowledge of how such a simple thing like a pencil could dramatically change a child’s world. Young people living in countries facing extreme poverty do not have access to tools such as pencils, and PoP has a grassroots approach to providing them with educational tools that are necessary for success. Pencils of Promise is an international movement that is committed to creating a better educational system for children in poverty. PoP works primarily in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos and has seen huge success.

Donations, like the ones from Sophia Bush, allow PoP to be as successful as it has. On her 30th birthday, Bush raised $30,000 to help fund a school, and she is also one of the ambassadors for Pencils of Promise’s “Impossible Ones” campaign.

Sophia Bush has proven time and time again that no matter what a person’s career or success level, they can find a way to help those in need. Sophia Bush has done an extraordinary job of balancing her acting career with being an amazing human being and philanthropist.

– Olivia Hodges
Photo: Flickr


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