Shawn Mendes’ Influence on Fans and the World


BRONX, New York — Shawn Mendes’ influence is recognized through his work with The Shawn Mendes Foundation (SMF). The foundation is relatively new, created in 2019. It aims to empower young adults to use their voices to create change centered around causes that young people themselves care about.

The Shawn Mendes Foundation recently partnered with TIFF to present the Changemaker Award to a recipient whose film focuses on social change. TIFF is an organization that focuses on creating a space for creators and film enthusiasts to experience the world in a new way through film. The winner of the 2020 Changemaker Award was a Canadian short drama film called “Black Bodies” directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall. The film focuses on trauma against black people.

In addition, SMF seeks out young activists and bestows Wonder Grants. These grants provide the resources to launch initiatives in areas such as “music, film, human rights, education, science, environment, and technology.”

The Shawn Mendes Foundation & One Drop

At the age of 22, Shawn Mendes has shown his support for his fans and for international filmmakers who are making an impact. Shawn Mendes’s influence is bolstered by the charities with which the Shawn Mendes Foundation works. For example, the One Drop Foundation aligns with the foundation’s goals of sustainability and a global effort to continue the survival of natural resources. One Drop focuses on communities that need access to secure water resources. So far, it has improved the lives of more than two million people and worked in 13 countries, including Colombia, Nicaragua and Haiti.

The Shawn Mendes Foundation Playlist

The power of his songs is the main channel through which Shawn Mendes’s influence reaches fans. In fact, SMF has a dedicated page on its website for a curated playlist to inspire young people to advocate for important causes. The playlist features his popular songs like “Treat You Better,” which is a pop song he released in 2016. In its accompanying music video, there is a clear message to his fans to report any issue of domestic violence. With playlists and videos like these, Mendes manages to entertain and educate his fans and all those who watch and listen to him around the world.

The Shawn Mendes Foundation and Social Media

In addition to the charity work, the Shawn Mendes Foundation connects to fans and supporters worldwide through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its Instagram account boasts the most followers at approximately 278,000. The social media accounts feature highlights and mentions young, notable individuals that are making an impact as changemakers. One example is mental health activist Meera Varma. She is bringing focus to suicide prevention by creating safe dialogue to speak on the issue of mental health.

Shawn Mendes is a member of Generation Z; however, has managed to capture the attention of people from varied generations. Fans and supporters alike are anticipating what is next to come for The Shawn Mendes Foundation.

– Amanda Ortiz
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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