Senator Bob Casey’s Poverty Reduction Efforts


Washington D.C. — Senators possess a lot of power in choosing what bills and acts to co-sponsor during their legislative session. If a majority of Senators (51/100) co-sponsor and support a bill, then it passes in the Senate. Bills can be introduced in either the House or the Senate, but once they are approved by both houses, they are then sent along to the President for a final vote. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is one of many who has chosen to use his voice in support of poverty reduction efforts. Here are some of Sen. Casey’s poverty reduction efforts.

What Does This Mean for Global Poverty?

When Senators co-sponsor acts related to ending global poverty, they are supporting consistent aid and a detailed course of action for helping developing countries. Therefore, Senators prioritizing global poverty reduction are essential in ensuring that these countries receive adequate and substantial aid in many sectors to improve the lives of its citizenry. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has consistently prioritized these efforts in his the 2019-2020 legislative term, otherwise known as the 116th Congress.

Sen. Bob Casey has not joined any committees focused on global poverty reduction; instead, he participates on committees pertaining to national security, agriculture, terrorism and domestic financial issues. Currently, Sen. Bob Casey’s poverty reduction efforts include co-sponsoring two major legislative priorities. Specifically, he is supporting the End Tuberculosis Now Act and Global Child Thrive Act.

The End Tuberculosis Now Act

The End Tuberculosis Now Act will help implement new prevention and treatment efforts, especially for countries and areas with vulnerable populations. It will also increase assistance to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations that are directly working to reduce tuberculosis around the world. A major goal of WHO is to end the tuberculosis epidemic by 2030. However, WHO reveals that the economic and political goals of many countries do not align with eradicating tuberculosis. Therefore, Sen. Bob Casey’s efforts to support the End Tuberculosis Now Act are essential in shifting attention to tuberculosis in order to meet the WHO’s goal of eliminating the disease.

The Global Child Thrive Act

Additionally, Sen. Bob Casey is one of the senators prioritizing global poverty reduction by co-sponsoring the Global Child Thrive Act. The Global Child Thrive Act will help organizations and governments implement proper programs to sustain childhood development and improve conditions for disabled and poor children. UNICEF reveals that investing in early childhood development will reduce the “disadvantages” and hardships that youth have to face. This reduction can lead to better education, jobs, incomes and more importantly, a future outside of poverty.

Currently, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is having similar conversations about childhood development and strategizing about how to send young children back to school. Sen. Bob Casey has been involved in these discussions and has taken the stance of prioritizing opening safely. Similarly, his co-sponsorship of the Global Child Thrive Act in tandem with his COVID-19 response reveals his support of early childhood development both domestically and internationally.

Resolution 260 and Others

Additionally, Sen. Bob Casey is co-sponsoring Resolution 260, which works to decrease malnutrition in many women and children all across the world. This act recognizes the role that the U.S. can play in combatting malnutrition and other issues. These issues include increased health problems for mothers and their children and children’s lack of attention in school, among others. He will also co-sponsor the Keeping Girls in School Act, which as the name suggests focuses on keeping girls in school and increasing global attendance.

Furthermore, Sen. Bob Casey is also supporting the Central America Reform and Enforcement Act. This act overlaps with these same goals as it works to improve asylum and migration. As well as  “address the humanitarian crisis” that the Northern Triangle Countries face.

Overall, it is important to encourage Senators that are prioritizing global poverty reduction efforts in order to ensure that countries around the world receive help. Currently, the Central America Reform and Enforcement Act needs fourteen more sponsorships in order to pass in the Senate. Secondly, the Reach Every Mother and Child Act needs 20 more co-sponsors; neither Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey nor Pat Toomey have not co-sponsored this act. While other acts still require support, these aforementioned acts are closest to receiving a majority vote. Thus, showing that Sen. Casey’s poverty reduction efforts are truly making an impact for those who need it the most.

Sophia McWilliams
Photo: Wikimedia


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