Sea to Sea 2013 Bike Tour: Cycling to End Poverty


The Sea to Sea Bike Tour is a yearly tour across North America. It covers about 3,900 miles and lasts 9 weeks. This year, about 180 riders will participate. Riders must cycle nearly 70 miles a day (excluding Sundays), and each rider is also required to raise about $10,000 in sponsorships towards the cause. Bicyclists only have to ride one to five weeks, but can commit to the full nine weeks if they are truly committed. The tour begins in Los Angeles on June 22 of this year until August 24 in New York City. It covers most of the United States as well as parts of Canada.

The overall cause of the Sea to Sea 2013 Bike Tour is to raise money for the world’s poor. The money raised is sent to local, national, and international agencies to help fight global poverty. In 2008, the Sea to Sea Bike Tour raised over $1.5 million towards organizations fighting poverty. This year’s Sea to Sea Bike Tour will be the most extensive to ever cross North America, and it is funded by the Reformed Church in America, Partners Worldwide, and World Renew. The Reformed Church in America also funded the tours that occurred in 2005 and 2008, which inspired this year’s cycling tour.

Sea to Sea is a nonprofit organization, and it’s motto is “Cycling to End Poverty.” They wish to use their cycling tours to raise awareness and money for those struggling around the world. The funds go towards all types of ventures; for instance, the money created new jobs around the world that helped provide sustainable means and access to food, shelter, and water. In 2008, the tour’s funds created over 1,100 jobs and helped to sustain more than 20,000. This year, the Sea to Sea Bike Tour expects to raise about $3 million to help the world’s poor, and will send one-third of the money towards local church programs that aim to reduce poverty, while the rest will help on a more international level.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: The Rapidian, Sea to Sea, GR Central
Photo: Flickr


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