Save the Children CEO: Foreign Aid is Good for Business


Save the Children CEO, Carolyn Miles, calls foreign aid “a demonstration of America’s beliefs” and a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy with far-reaching implications.

For a long time, development was thought to be only the concern of governments and non-profit organizations, but increasingly aid and development work will be done by a partnership between governments, NGOs, and private business.

The private sector is keen to see robust and meaningful foreign aid because more and more of their business is in emerging markets. Not only do they employ workers in emerging nations, they also need a customer base with livelihoods sufficient to afford American products.

As lower-income countries become more and more developed with the help of aid programs, American businesses gain access to new ideas, new trade agreements, and millions of potential consumers and employees.

– Jordan N. Hunt

Source: USGLC, Save the Children
Photo: Times of Malta


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