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LOS ANGELES, California — With a successful film and entertainment career spanning more than three decades, Sandra Bullock has made herself a household name. Some of her most notable work includes leading roles in The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, Gravity and Bird Box. As one of the most successful actresses in recent decades, Bullock is highly sought after and is an inspiration to many. She is using her high profile to help global causes.

Celebrity Philanthropy

Sandra Bullock is a multifaceted woman who has served as a producer on various films and TV shows in addition to being an actress. Like many celebrities, Bullock has consistently used her platform and fortune to better the lives of others. Some celebrities have causes that they are particularly vocal about and are constantly advocating for. For example, it’s impossible to miss Leonardo DiCaprio’s passionate efforts about environmental consciousness. He has dedicated an abundance of energy and resources to ensure Earth’s long-term stability.

Other celebrities may be more discreet about how they give back, but they still hit the mark on making an impact. Sandra Bullock’s generosity has aided many countries and cities in relief efforts post-natural disaster. Bullock has quietly donated to several organizations both domestically and internationally. Several notable charities through which she has donated fall under the Disaster Relief and Human Rights categories. These include the Red Cross and Partners in Health.

The Red Cross

Bullock is a mother of two, having adopted a son named Louis from New Orleans in 2010 and a daughter named Laila in 2015. Bullock has donated money to New Orleans several times. In 2005, she donated $1 million to the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. She donated again in 2010 when the city’s oldest public high school, which had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, was being rebuilt. Bullock also helped open a health clinic at the school.

Sandra Bullock seems to have a soft spot for the Red Cross as she has donated to them on multiple other occasions. In 2004, there was a tsunami in Indonesia that had a devastating impact on the country and its inhabitants. Bullock graciously donated $1 million to the Red Cross as part of its efforts to help get Indonesians back on their feet.

Sandra Bullock’s philanthropy extended to the Red Cross again in 2011 after Japan was hit with the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. These disasters came as a surprise to Japanese citizens and left approximately 15,894 dead. Once again, Bullock donated $1 million via the Red Cross towards relief efforts to those affected in Japan.

Doctors Without Borders

In 2010, an earthquake in Haiti shook the already struggling country to its core. Approximately 250,000 people lost their lives, and ultimately, more than 3 million people were affected by the devastating impact. Doctors Without Borders was one of many organizations to step in with disaster relief efforts. Sandra Bullock quietly donated $1 million through DWB.

Sandra Bullock’s gracious donations to various causes, while generally done quietly, have not gone unnoticed. In 2012, Forbes listed her as number 18 on their “30 Most Generous Celebrities” list for her donation to Doctors Without Borders during its Haiti relief efforts.

It is both refreshing and inspiring to see celebrities using their platform and wealth for causes that help those in need. Sandra Bullock, along with several others, has used her financial success to give back to the community. Whether she is helping people in the United States or around the world, Bullock’s generosity is noted and appreciated.

Emily Cormier

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