Poverty Reduction in China Could Inspire Developing Nations


Over a course of almost 30  years, the poverty reduction in China has resulted in over half a billion people (about 600 million) being lifted from poverty. Given its incredible success, and its methods in Beijing, there is a possibility that other developing nations could use their methods, or parts of their methods, to affect change within their own population. The World Bank notes that market reforms began in 1978 in China, and as a result, the GDP growth has been raised around 10% each year. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been reached or will be reached soon based on poverty reduction in China and other measures. Considering China has over a billion people within its borders, it is amazing that they have reduced the poverty of so many, and have had such incredible growth both economically and socially. Although it must be noted that China still has issues that need to be addressed, in terms of poverty reduction, the country has exceeded expectations.

The poverty reduction in China was due to bottom-up solutions. The country has also increased food production. This was done by an investment in agriculture by China. The successful agriculture projects were created from the ground; they were grassroots projects. The successful ones were dispersed throughout the country by the Chinese government. Due to this success and these programs, governments of countries in Africa and Asia are having negotiations with China to participate in agricultural projects. Another part of their poverty reduction came from their extensive foreign aid and negotiations. They became the number one “loaner” for other countries, and spent much time giving help and aid to other countries, which seems to have been returned to them (economically) on a massive scale.

As of now, China could inspire developing nations to follow their methods; perhaps the nations would not use the exact same agricultural projects, but they could discover what would be successful in their own nations and implement those programs throughout the country. China could also benefit from helping these countries; it would protect Chinese citizens across the globe.

In Beijing, there is a center to reduce global poverty created by the UNDP. It is called the International Poverty Reduction Centre, and it provides data and information on poverty reduction. The World Bank Group president, Dr. Jim Yong-kim, pointed out that developing countries want to learn from China’s progress. He supported a hub that was created online with knowledge about reducing poverty domestically and abroad.

Overall, poverty reduction in China has been an incredible feat, and they are currently taking steps to spread that knowledge to other countries. All that is left is for those other countries to take the advice, and begin implementing new programs in their own countries.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: SCMP, World Bank, Xinhuanet
Photo: BT


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