5 Celebrities Feeding More People With a Plant-Based Diet


BOSTON, Massachusetts — Many celebrities shift toward a plant-based diet due to health, environmental and moral reasons. Although each person has their own reason for making the switch, they are helping the world more than they know. Here is how five celebrities are helping transform the agricultural industry by making a change in their life.

Zac Efron

Efron, a former High School Musical star, transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2018 for his overall health and exercise routine. He said that he metabolizes food faster and has more energy now. With a non-vegan diet, “36% of crop calories” are consumed by animals, humans only intake 12% of those calories. By cutting out animals for more energy as Efron did, it leads to a more nutritious and sustainable diet that feeds more people. This decision impacts people globally. With each person that chooses a plant-based diet, the demand for cattle declines. When there are fewer cattle to feed, there are more crops to be consumed and more land for crop production.

Rainn Wilson

Most commonly known as the actor who played Dwight in “The Office”, his character’s facade comes off as a meat-loving junkie. Wilson became a vegan in 2017 due to his love for animals, most importantly his two rescue pigs. He found that becoming a vegan increased his energy and allow him to sleep deeper. Wilson’s support of animals encourages the food industry to cut out the middleman. This benefits people around the world. Instead of feeding plants to animals for humans to consume, people are consuming plants directly. This diet feeds more people as fewer people will be participating in the wasteful process of feeding plants to animals and animals to humans.

Stevie Wonder

Twenty-five-time Grammy Award-Winning musician Stevie Wonder chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle for the environment in 2016. This decision positively affects the environment by reducing greenhouse gases. It also affects global hunger. The animal industry produces carbon dioxide, methane and greenhouse gases. It accounts for 14% of the emissions globally. Climate change and rising temperatures affect agriculture because droughts and inconsistent weather cause lower agricultural output. By choosing to go plant-based, Wonder is not only helping reverse the effects of climate change but he is helping reduce the result of climate change on agriculture globally. This in turn helps world hunger because animal agriculture takes up most of the calories needed for humans. Cutting out animals (for any reason) helps world hunger and increases the availability of food calories up to 70%.


Black Eyed Peas singer, will.i.am, chose a vegan diet in 2018 for his health. After struggling with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, the singer marvels at his overall health. By sharing his journey, will.i.am has inspired others to make the switch to a vegan diet. And, he supports the industry’s switch to a plant-based diet. With the industry beginning to produce more plant-based options, people around the world will have greater access to healthy and sustainable food. This will help world hunger because as more people become vegan, more people will be able to reap the benefits of cutting out animals. They will have more food on hand and more space to grow food.

Billie Eilish

Raised vegetarian, pop singer Billie Eilish switched to a vegan lifestyle in 2014. A lifelong passion for animals led Eilish to use her platform as a means to expose agricultural cruelty. She is a role model for young fans around the world, influencing them to consider a plant-based diet. As more and more people choose to become vegan, the agricultural industry is forced to move toward a vegan diet that feeds more people.

Contrary to popular belief, there is enough food in the world to end world hunger. By globally adopting a plant-based diet, there would be enough food to feed 10 billion people. The problem lies with food distribution. A plant-based diet is not the only answer, but it is one answer that will help feed copious amounts of people. These five celebrities are making individual changes that affect the entire system. When one person changes their diet, it can impact an entire population and industry.

Maddie Rhodes
Photo: Flickr


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