Paul Walker: Late Actor’s Lasting Legacy


Many fans of the late Paul Walker are still mourning his untimely and tragic death. Walker was famous for his devastatingly good looks and action hero-type roles in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. What most people do not know are the real-life action hero-type feats Walker has accomplished. The star set up his own non- profit organization called Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) that focuses on helping citizens in the aftermath of natural disasters. The premise is immediate relief by professional doctors, nurses, firefighters, and volunteers that travel as soon as possible to the disaster sight.

A huge part of the star’s life was contributing to people struggling with poverty around the world, yet Paul’s personal work with charity often flew way below the Hollywood radar. As part of disaster relief efforts for ROWW, Walker put together a team of health professionals and flew to Haiti. Months later he set up a hospital on a beach in Chile. He bought professional grade chainsaws with his own money to cut through debris trapping tornado victims in Alabama.

Close colleagues and family have spoken out about the fact that Paul did so much with his own connections and wealth for others without ever wanting public acknowledgment. He truly believed in doing good for others for the sake of doing good. That is a rare quality to find in anyone, let alone celebrities who are financially sound enough to never work another day in their lives.

Walker most recently donated to the Philippines after they were struck by a typhoon in mid-November. His personal financial bill has reached millions of dollars and he continues to use his own funds to help people in need. According to an article in the daily mail, the locals in the Philippines were astounded to find out Walker was funding the medical care victims were receiving. Walker’s team was ready two days after the typhoon struck and the only medical clinic providing help in the next weeks was the one set up by his non-profit Reach Out Worldwide (ROW.)

Paul Walker never did any press or publicity for his involvement in charity work, a testament to his genuine desire to help and humble personality. Universal Studios is donating a part of the DVD sales from Fast and Furious 6 to Reach Out Worldwide (ROW) as a tribute to the late actor. It is discouraging to know that such an amazing charity advocate has passed away, but his legacy and non-profit organization will live on and impact lives for years and years to come.

– Kaitlin Sutherby

Sources: Daily Mail, LA Times, Look to the Stars
Photo: Parade


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