Celebrity Spotlight: Paris Jackson


SEATTLE — The name Paris Jackson may be familiar due to the rising model being featured on numerous magazine covers, including Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her last name may also be familiar; her father is the late “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. Her father was not only known for his music and dancing, but also his humanitarian work. He donated more than $300 million to charities in his lifetime. Paris Jackson has been following in her father’s footsteps by donating her time to local and global charities. Here is a look at Paris Jackson’s humanitarian work.

Paris Jackson Toured Africa with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

In August 2017, Paris Jackson made her father proud by taking a charity trip to Malawi. She was on a tour with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, a charity founded by actress Elizabeth Taylor which helps fight HIV and AIDS. She shared a few heartwarming posts on her Instagram during the trip, including a video of kids in Malawi dancing with her, and a photo of her holding a baby and bonding with a local family.

Jackson is following in the footsteps of her godmother, actress Elizabeth Taylor, by using her platform to spread awareness about the spread of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). In the fall of 2017, she was named an ambassador of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Last April, Jackson wrote an op-ed for Teen Vogue discussing the importance of being educated about HIV and AIDS. “We’re 37 years into the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and institutionalized oppression is still the oxygen that this crisis breathes. Uncoincidentally, communities that have historically been subjected to prejudice also experience higher incidences of HIV and AIDS,” Jackson wrote in her op-ed.

Jackson Visited Puerto Rico to Help with Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Last September, Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm, devastated Puerto Rico. More than a month later, the island was still in dire need of aid. Families throughout Puerto Rico still had limited to no access to food, water or power. Jackson visited the town of Aguadilla in October to help with hurricane relief efforts. She distributed supplies to a local school, giving each student a backpack, a water purifier and a solar light to help them do their homework.

Jackson Supports Her Brother’s Foundation, Heal LA

Paris Jackson’s older brother, Prince Jackson, founded the organization Heal Los Angeles to further the cause of their late father’s Heal the World Foundation. Heal LA’s mission is to “strengthen and support children and families in need throughout the greater Los Angeles region by fighting child abuse, homelessness and hunger.” The organization holds events such as distributing presents to families around the holidays and aiding foster children who have aged out of the system. Paris has praised her brother for his great work and has supported him at his charity events. In October 2017, the siblings joined forces at Heal LA’s second annual Costume for a Cause event.

At only 20 years old, Paris Jackson has spoken out on many important global issues and engaged in many works of charity. She is certainly making her late father very proud.

– Ariane Komyati
Photo: Flickr


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