Organizations Need Help to Fight Refugee Crises


DEERFIELD, N.Y. — Every refugee story is a tragic one. They are stories that revolve around poverty, violence or hunger.

There are currently 51 million refugees worldwide. It is the highest number of refugees since the World War II era. The United States needs to make refugee crises a foreign policy priority if they want to solve it. Here are six organizations that need help in order to combat this crisis:

1. The International Disaster Assistance Program

This U.S. government initiative funds hunger relief and emergency supplies. The U.S. Congress would have to include more funds for the International Disaster Assistance program in their budget if they wish to combat the refugee crisis as this program funds many disaster-relief organizations.

2. Food for Peace

Another U.S. government program that works to alleviate malnutrition and hunger and make sure that people have access to healthy food is Food for Peace. FFP also provides funds for other organizations and would also need to be reinforced in order to solve refugee crises.

3. U.N. World Food Programme

The United Nations World Food Programme is the largest hunger relief organization in the world and receives funding from both the International Disaster Assistance program and Food for Peace. Crises have been so frequent recently that they need more resources. Distribution of food has already been decreased for about 800,000 refugees in Africa. Both the International Disaster Assistance Program and Food for Peace would need to be strengthened which would in turn support the World Food Programme’s efforts around the world.

4. Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services also receives funding from both the International Disaster Assistance program and Food for Peace. As well as its donor base, these two organizations allow Catholic Relief Services to do relief work in conflict areas. A U.S.-based group, they need more funds to exercise their full capabilities.


The United Nations’ children’s agency is given funding from both U.S. governmental organizations as well. UNICEF treats illness and child malnutrition in war zones. The European Union has been working with UNICEF in Syria and its neighbors to help refugee children. The U.S. would need to do the same to curtail the refugee crisis.

6. Bread for the World

Bread for the World, a U.S.-based Christian group that encourages America’s leaders to work on alleviating hunger abroad and at home, advises that Congress pass legislation this summer to boost humanitarian aid funding. Representatives of Bread for the World stated that conflicts around the world are getting more serious. They stressed that we cannot lose a generations of children because the world failed to act. Acting as a voice for the world’s poor, Bread for the World mobilizes people across the world to work to alleviate global poverty and world hunger. Strengthening this organization would increase their support network to reach more people across the globe.

The international community, especially the U.S., would need to increase disaster relief resources in order to combat this refugee crisis. Congress can increase funds for both the Disaster Assistance and Food for Peace programs, which will in turn boost other agencies.

Colleen Moore

Sources: The Buffalo News, EU Neighborhood Info Center, Bread for the World, Government of Ghana
Photo: Idea Stream


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