One for the World Is Fighting Poverty


SEATTLE, Washington — In 2018, 11.9 million children lived in poverty. This means that 11.9 million children did not have the proper resources to stay warm at night and fuel their bodies with nutrition. The federal government has set a poverty threshold standard for each family size. For at least 17.3 million people, their incomes are 50% lower than that threshold. One for the World encourages people to take the pledge and donate 1% of their income to the most cost-effective charities every month and put a stop to global poverty. This small amount could be key to reducing world poverty.

One for the World

In 2014, Kate Epstein and Josh McCann co-founded One for the World (OFTW). Epstein and McCann created the organization in response to students who wanted to give back but didn’t know where to start. OFTW has made it its mission to educate students and young professionals about effective donating and which charities will have the greatest impact. Since it began, The organization has donated more than $500,000 to charities. Then, it expanded the movement to include professionals who want to help. It has partnered with GiveWell to ensure that people taking the pledge are donating to the most impactful charities to put an end to world poverty.

One for the World is a movement run by volunteers. These volunteers set up chapters that aim to educate and persuade others to take the pledge and donate at least 1% of their income to charities. OFTW raised $85,000 from 114 donors in 2017. In 2018, this number went up to $146,000 in pledges and 429 donors. In 2019, it raised approximately $267,000 in pledges. The organization does not take pledger donations and disburse them where it feels they should go but rather allows pledgers to choose their own charities through GiveWell’s recommendations.

Giving Back

Justin Tuck, a small-town Alabama boy, grew from a family of seven siblings. His family would always lend a hand in whatever way they could. Now, a big-time NFL star, Tuck believes it is important to donate to charities every week or more when he can. Tuck is now an active pledger and speaker for One for the World. Tuck was an active guest at OFTW’s “Lunch and Learn” event in Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall. Tuck discusses the excuses we all give, like waiting to donate when there is more money to give. However, Tuck made an impact on the attendees. He stated that 1% may not seemingly make a difference, but it can change the world.

OFTW has given clean drinking water to more than 28,000 around the world. In addition, more than 10,000 people have received health products and services. The organization has created a movement that takes “the guesswork out of philanthropy.” There is no more need for research on the donators’ end, wondering if their money is going to make a change or go just into somebody’s pocket. One for the World and GiveWell base their charity recommendations on robust research and data, sharing with donors the evidence that their money will be changing the world. Together, they are determined to end world poverty 1% at a time.

Ciara Pagels
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