One Direction Continues to Support Red Nose Day


Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik are five boys who have committed to fight poverty through raising funds for the U.K. charity Comic Relief. Recently, the British boy band (together called “One Direction”) experienced those living in poverty in areas of Ghana firsthand. They raised funds by donating all proceeds from the sales of their single, “One Way or Another,” to the Red Nose Day.

One Direction continues to support Red Nose Day by pledging to raise funds over the upcoming weeks. Red Nose Day is an idea of doing something funny to raise money for those in Africa. Often, celebrities such as the One Direction group take part. Red Noes Day is also a telethon, that is set to occur on March 15th, 2013.

The boys were touched by the poverty they saw and admitted that they were saddened by how the children were suffering in a school they visited. Despite their busy schedule and travelling on their world tour, they are now committed to help those less fortunate than themselves, and encourage their fans to join them in the journey.

Since their visit, the decision was made to continue raising money for the Red Nose Day project. One Direction continues to support Red Nose Day by having various fundraisers. For example, Niall Horan is partaking in a sponsored silence, while all the boys encourage others to run their own fundraisers, or donate directly to the cause. Of course, even more fundraisers by the boys will be revealed soon. Overall, One Direction will certainly help the Red Nose Day cause (which is happening through the Comic Relief organization), and will hopefully raise a significant amount of money to help those in poverty.

To learn more about One Direction’s fundraising, check out the Red Nose Day website.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Perez Hilton, One Direction, Belfast Telegraph
Photo: Red Nose Day


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