Not on Our Watch: Don Cheadle On Ending Genocide


SEATTLE — In 2008, actor Don Cheadle found the organization Not On Our Watch. The organization was founded after Don Cheadle wrote the book, “Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Dafur and Beyond.” The book primarily discusses the genocide in Sudan’s Dafur region, but it also comments on the ways citizens can take action to end the genocide.

Not On Our Watch is led by many other influential actors and entertainers. George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are founders of the organization as well. United States Ambassador David Pressman and American film producer Jerry Weintraub, are also founders of the organization.

The organization is committed to advocacy and research in support of global human rights. Project and campaigns are developed to bring attention to forgotten international crises. Not on Our Watch fights to encourage governments to take action and create consequences for those who commit war crimes.

Not On Our Watch is currently supporting several countries because of their intensive crises. Dafur, Burma and Zimbabwe are currently recovering from war crimes that are committed. The violent acts in Dafur has taken over 300,000 lives and forced 2.5 million people out of their homes; in fact, the situation in Dafur was called the worst humanitarian disaster.

Citizens are denied their basic freedom rights mainly due to the Burmese government led by Senior General Than Shwe. The brutal military in Bruma regularly commits acts of torture, rape and execution and has destroyed over 3,200 tribal villages.

Not on Our watch urges citizens to help in anyway that is possible, and this mission can span outside of Burma.

How can you help? The organization urges people to call their elected representatives and educate the community. The organization also partners with other projects such as The Sentry, C4ADS and The Enough Project to help causes within Burma. The website also accepts donations to help the countries in need.

With the help of our nation and the globe, we can make a difference to help stop violent war crimes within Burma and everywhere.

Treasure Shepard
Photo: Flickr


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