5 NGOs Bringing Relief During COVID-19


SEATTLE, Washington — The COVID-19 virus has impacted societies across the globe since March. Non-governmental organization (NGO) projects have had to step up their game to keep up with the pandemic as it rapidly swept the planet. Non-governmental organizations have been working to bring relief during the COVID-19 virus to assist those at extreme risk. With COVID-19 pushing approximately 49 million people into poverty worldwide, NGO projects have certainly had to apply pressure to better the circumstances for those affected. Here are five NGOs bringing relief during COVID-19.

5 NGOs Bringing Relief During COVID-19

  1. Give2Asia:  Give2Asia has partnered with several NGOs to help with COVID-19 relief efforts In India. Seeds, a local NGO partner, is distributing “masks and soap to 20,000 families.” It also partnered with Goonj and the Swasth Foundation to raise supplies like seeds, water, medical supplies etc. Goonj has distributed dry goods and personal care supplies to more than 10,000 homes. The Swasth Foundation provides personal protective equipment and respirators.
  2. The One Foundation: COVID-19 has affected approximately 31 provinces in China. The One Foundation launched an NGO project to determine needs and distribute funds where necessary. The project also allocates the funds toward containment strategies and counseling. It helped support the delivery of supplies to areas in need. The project raised $129,797.
  3. Rebuilding Alliance: In Gaza and the West Bank, there are families suffering from the collapse of the economy and without food and essential supplies. Rebuilding Alliance is raising money to distribute soap and food rations. It partnered with Ahli Arab and Al Awda Hospitals to bring ICU equipment to hospitals in the area. It has raised more than $98,000 so far. Other partners include “the Women’s Program Center, Youth Vision, Al Basma Club for the Disabled and Al Amal Society” in Gaza and rural women’s centers in the South Hebron Hills and the Jordan Valley” in the West Bank.
  4. The International Community Foundation (ICF): In Mexico, the ICF has been working in Tijuana since 2018. Generous donations have raised approximately $600,000 for nonprofits locally for migrants during that time. The coronavirus has brought new difficulties to the region and new opportunities to assist those in need through NGOs. The ICF has been providing mental health support, job opportunities and legal aid to the people. Furthermore, it has helped provide food, medical treatment and shelter to those in immediate need, especially during the COVID-19 virus. It has raised more than $45,000 towards this goal.
  5. Seva Mandir: In rural India, a goal was set to provide survival services quickly to those suffering from a loss of income. Seva Mandir has raised more than $26,000 so far for rural families in southern Rajasthan. It delivers care packages with hygiene products and food rations for the short-term needs of the people. For long term solutions, the organization is looking into “agriculture and economic provisions.” 

Worldwide, NGOs are facilitating projects for the direct benefit of those struggling during COVID-19. These five NGOs bringing relief during COVID-19 have been the primary method of assistance to people who have lost their income. For many, NGO projects have been a lifesaver in a situation that otherwise might get no relief. NGOs have been working to refine their operations to better determine the needs of those struggling and provide temporary and stable solutions. Ideally, the stable solutions provide sustainability and growth to those who need it most.

Kim Elsey
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