Neymar Jr. Institute Project Rebuilds the Footballer’s Hometown


SEATTLE — Neymar Jr. Institute Project serves children across Brazil from its location at Jardim da Glória in Praia Grande. Growing up in this community, Neymar understands the struggle his people face. To improve the future of the people living there, he has invested in children’s education and health in Brazil, providing an enrichment program. In the second Charity Auction of the Neymar Jr. Institute Project, 24 lots raised $3.5 million for the institution. The things sold that night included sports memorabilia, signed objects, trips and experiences with different artists.

The Neymar Jr. Institute Project

Though Neymar’s first mission has been to develop his hometown, the programs are not exclusive. Children in the communities of Aeroclube, Aprazível, Guardamar, Guilhermina, Marília, São Sebastião, Sítio do Campo and Vila Sônia are included in the socio-educational benefits. Upon registration, children are required to take a health examination including cardiological and dental exams. Throughout their enrollment, children also have access to social assistance and psychologists.

Clinical and cardiological exams are essential for sports programs. This implementation of health advantages goes beyond immediate care and instills active lifestyles that provide long-term health benefits. Children who participate in sports also strengthen their discipline in dedication, accountability and civil behavior. The town hall invested in their community’s future with an 8,400 square meter complex for sports activities. The fitness center includes a field, courts for sports such as volleyball, a heated pool and a judo room.

The Neymar Jr. Institute Project also provides education in languages, computers, robotics, vocational courses, and cultural classes like music, dance and art. But, the cause dives deeper into children’s support systems with professional lectures and physical activities for their guardians. The idea here is to stimulate families to develop together and improve home life.

The Importance of Good Infrastructure

Building a facility to accommodate such amenities is a privilege for the students. Brazil’s schools face flawed infrastructure with 50 percent lacking sewage systems, 20 percent without sports provisions and five percent don’t even have electricity. Leonardo Sales, a civil servant for the Ministry of Transparency, has analyzed data to measure the quality of schools’ infrastructure in Brazil.

The 2016 School Census used the School Structure Index (SSI) to analyze three main elements of educational, basic and technological infrastructure. The data reveals a pattern in which the average scores from the country’s National High School Exam (Enem) score is higher in schools that have a better SSI rating. The percentage of students scoring above 600 points (the minimum required for entry in public universities) is connected with the SSI as well, disclosing a similar influence.

Charity is Neymar’s Goal

The favorite items of the night at the second Charity Auction were two shirts autographed by King Pele and Neymar Jr., valued at $110,000. The money raised from the auction will go to the children of Brazil. In his address, Neymar Jr. said, “this is the biggest goal I’ve ever done in my life, the Institute.” The 378 goals he has scored, including the Olympic Gold Medal goal of 2018, don’t compare to this achievement for the player.

The footballer’s girlfriend, actress Bruna Marquezine, also shares her gratitude for the opportunity to give, “Thank you for looking to others with humanity, with love.” The support she gives to her boyfriend, the founder, is inspirational, “and for trying to repay everything that God gave you in this life in such a beautiful and proportionate way that you can’t receive, but now you can give.” The humble couple exemplifies how a single aspiration can uplift people and change the world. The Neymar Jr. Institute Project is a wonderful way for this athlete to give back to his home community.

Crystal Tabares

Photo: Flickr


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