The Relationship Between Newman’s Own and Developing Nations


SEATTLE — In 1982, actor Paul Newman decided to create a nonprofit that focused on aiding the less fortunate. Newman’s philosophy was simple; because he had been so fortunate with his career, he decided to use his fame and fortune to help others.

As a result, the Newman’s Own brand was born. Newman’s Own and developing nations have a long-standing history. Starting with one salad dressing, Newman launched his brand of food products and donated 100 percent of the after-tax profits to various organizations that wanted or needed a helping hand. After 35 years of donations, Newman’s Own has given more than $500 million to various organizations and charities around the world, which has impacted millions of people.

According to its website, Newman’s Own’s mission is to continue “Paul’s commitment by funding organizations that empower people to overcome extraordinary adverse circumstances, and/or provide equal access to human rights and contribute to the development of a civil society.” Newman’s Own focuses on four distinct initiatives and areas that allow the organization to focus its monetary resources. The areas include philanthropy, nutrition, empowerment and children with life-limiting conditions.

Relationship Between Newman’s Own and Developing Nations Evident in Work with South African HIV Programs

One example of the relationship between Newman’s Own and developing nations is the donations the charity has made to the mothers2mothers organization based in South Africa, which tries to limit mother-children transmission of HIV. According to the m2m website, the goal of the nonprofit is to “train, employ and empower mothers living with HIV to bring health and hope to other mothers, their families and communities.”

Thanks to donations by Newman’s Own, the m2m group has had a positive impact on HIV rates in communities in South Africa. In 2016, m2m enrolled 1.95 million new clients and helped protect 700,000 infants from HIV infection. It also provided services to teenage girls and young adult women in seven countries and introduced a Mentor Mothers program, which created professional opportunities for HIV positive women who are often marginalized in South African society.

Safe Water Network a More Recent Initiative Co-Founded by Newman

Newman’s charitable work extended beyond the organization that bears his name. In 2006, he co-founded Safe Water Network. The goal of Safe Water Network is to provide clean water to those in need, as nearly one billion people in the world do not have reliable access to safe water. The organization has introduced an innovative market-based solution in India and Ghana, providing local people with the opportunity to operate water treatment services and sell water to their communities at an affordable price. Between the two countries, Safe Water Network has reached more than one million people through 300 water stations. It plans to expand its reach across Ghana and India, then grow further into other developing countries.

Newman’s Own and developing nations have a long-standing history that has proven to be fruitful. Hopefully, more companies and celebrities will take the initiative that Newman’s Own has established and work to help end global poverty.

– Raymond Terry
Photo: Pixabay


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