Networking for Good: Facebook Does Charity


MENLO PARK, California — In December 2013, Facebook unveiled an innovative fundraising feature that allows users to donate to charities and nonprofits directly from their personal account. This venture was inspired by the social media site’s previous successful partnership with the Red Cross, a fundraising endeavor that benefited Haitians affected by the disastrous typhoon in November 2013. Today, by a simple click of a button, Facebook users can donate directly to 18 different non-profits, including many that focus on alleviating poverty abroad. Donors can simply use a credit card, debit card or PayPal account to provide a donation ranging from $5 to $250.

This new platform is expected to drastically improve donation conversion rates for these humanitarian organizations. Nonprofits like Malaria No More can tailor specific messages to the Facebook’s billion users. In addition, the site can encourage passionate followers to recruit like-minded and philanthropic friends by sharing statuses and inviting others to “Like” the page. Consequently, Facebook provides these nonprofits with a new fundraising power that may vastly outperform cumbersome SEO techniques and traditional advertising campaigns.

Although Facebook has only bestowed this new ability to an exclusive group of organizations, Mark Zuckerberg has indicated a desire to expand this platform, as the site’s press release encouraged other nonprofits to fill out a donation interest form. Even if such an organization fails to meet the site’s criteria, all recognized charities can post on Facebook’s nonprofits page to increase exposure and direct interested viewers to their actual webpage. Today, “Non-Profits on Facebook” has over a million likes.

This new fundraising feature is mutually beneficial for both Facebook and its nonprofit partners. Collecting billing and shipping information from members will facilitate user convenience when purchasing Facebook games and apps. In addition, gathering payment information will boost the site’s e-commerce prowess by granting third party mobile apps the ability to simplify consumers’ purchasing experience.

Facebook modernized people’s ability to communicate and connect online. Such a powerful social tool may continue to revolutionize and simplify charitable activity as well.

Facebook’s Non-Profits Page can be found here:

Sources: Tech Crunch, Facebook Newsroom
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