National Rural Livelihood Mission Alleviates Poverty in India


Coimbatore, or Kovai, which is located in India, has begun to implement the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) project. A District Administration official commented that four blocks were included within the National Rural Livelihood Mission, and that all blocks in the district of Coimbatore would be included by March 2014.

The National Rural Livelihood Mission aims to reduce poverty starting at the village-level. The government encourages locals to take part in several economic activities to help stimulate the villages. This can be done through grants from the local governments, or through bank loans. Either way, the villagers must meet certain demands from their local governments, or the panchayat.

A special meeting was held in Coimbatore, that included the local government’s members. In this meeting, the members discussed the program and how they would get it started, and continue it in the future. Topics of discussion included community professionals conducting surveys in the villages, and identification of beneficiaries of the loans or grants. Locals will be forming poverty-reduction committees, without Government or organizational representation, so that the villagers can identify the needs and problems within the village without any outside influence. The majority of the beneficiaries will receive money through bank loans, and they will engage in economic activities chosen by the various poverty-reduction committees within the villages.

Government grants will be used for training certain skills, assistance to those who need it (at-risk individuals), and things like farm activities. This scheme is focused on the needs of the village, which should prove to be effective. If this scheme effectively alleviates poverty in Coimbatore, it will most likely be moved into other areas of India to continue the poverty-reduction mission.

Overall, the National Rural Livelihood Mission is to give those living under the poverty line in rural areas another chance to have a life free of poverty, and they will be the ones deciding what is the best way to achieve that goal.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Government of Chhattisgarh, Press Information Bureau, The Hindu
Photo: Flickr


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