Millie Bobby Brown Participates in World Children’s Day


SEATTLE — Millie Bobby Brown, star of the hit Netflix series “Stanger Things,” took the stage to co-host the children’s takeover special for the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) 70th Anniversary Gala in 2016. Since 1946, UNICEF has provided aid, education and protection rights to children across 190 countries and territories. On November 20, UNICEF will celebrate another year of World Children’s Day, a day Millie looks forward to participating in.

Millie’s short monologue during the UNICEF 70th Anniversary Gala emphasized the importance of children having a chance to choose their own destiny. Millie compared her “Stranger Things” character Eleven to the children UNICEF focuses on. She mentioned how the character of Eleven does not have control of her own destiny much like many of the millions of children in the world today. She continued her speech by saying that children are “victims of circumstance beyond their control…they are going without food or medicine, without protection, without school, without a future.”

Millie has been working under the radar with UNICEF throughout 2017 in preparation for World Children’s Day. This day was created by the United Nations in 1954 to promote the welfare of children. UNICEF embraces this day as a time to celebrate children’s rights. Every year there is a different theme that encompasses the message of giving children the freedom to live a quality life.

This year, World Children’s Day will be a kid’s takeover. UNICEF aims to incorporate children into media, politics, business, sport and entertainment roles to illustrate the most important issues that children in developing nations are facing. This year’s focus will be on students sharing their message with their schools through various types of outlets including stories, films and fundraisers. UNICEF encourages anyone participating in the child takeover to use the hashtags #KidsTakeOverSchools and #WorldChildrensDay on social media.

It is unknown what Millie’s part will be in this year’s World Children’s Day but her status as a child entertainment star will definitely contribute to the present theme of child takeover.

Millie Bobby Brown currently has 5.4 million followers on Instagram and is completing press for the second season of “Stranger Things.” In addition, at the tender age of 13, she has become a positive role model for the future generation. Her platform is growing rapidly and she is taking advantage of her rising fame to promote her political and ethical beliefs. In an interview with E! News, Millie states “with my platform anyway, I want to try and do good things and want to help people. I have two hands, one for me, one for other people.”

Millie believes that every child has a say in their own destiny. On World Children’s Day, this message will continue to be spread. UNICEF says that it will be a fun day promoting a serious message that will help save children’s lives.

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