Michael Kors and Halle Berry Fight Global Hunger


Michael Kors and Halle Berry fight global hunger in Kors’ relatively new campaign titled “Watch Hunger Stop.” A few months ago, I wrote an article about Michael Kors and his wish to end hunger. However, it seems that Halle Berry has decided to join the cause in order to make as much of a difference as possible, and to spread awareness to her fans in addition to fans of Michael Kors.

Halle Berry officially announced her philanthropic campaign with Michael Kors on April 8. The campaign itself, “Watch Hunger Stop,” sells a version of Kors’ “Runway watch” that is unisex. The watches themselves are $295, but for each one that is sold in this campaign, 100 meals will be given to children through the UN World Food Programme (WFP). As the campaign continues, Michael Kors and Halle Berry will be flying to the different places that the meals will be sent, including Africa and Central America. Berry will be helping to promote two different versions of the watch; plus, she helped create them. The watches themselves will be sold in Michael Kors stores, as well as on MichaelKors.com, his website.

Berry is currently 46 years old and pregnant (with fiance Oliver Martinez). She commented that she wants to go abroad while pregnant, in order to talk about prenatal care to the locals. As of now, Berry still is not showing, so it is a possibility that this will happen. Berry also wants to build connections with the local mothers, or soon-to-be mothers, of the places they will be visiting. She wants to get across the message that keeping children healthy sets them up for life.

Michael Kors and Halle Berry’s goal is to involve 5 million people through their time or money.

Michael Kors and Halle Berry also support other causes. For instance, Berry is involved with the anti-domestic violence shelter in L.A. called the Jenesse Center. Meanwhile, Kors supports God’s Love We Deliver, which is a New York organization that delivers food to those in need. Kors feels strongly that world hunger is a solvable crisis and he is correct, although merely providing meals does not do the job.

The reason that Kors asked Berry to join the campaign is because of her talent, her compassion, her role as a mother, and her overall glamour. He likened her to a “fabulous juggler” – she juggles many roles in her life, but still manages to do it well and (seemingly) with ease. Berry made it clear in an interview how passionate she is about this topic. She said, “One cup of coffee could feed a child for a month.” Meanwhile, Kors himself is a man of action. Together, Berry’s compassion and Kors’ action combine to support this campaign.

Certainly, this campaign will not actually solve world hunger in the long-term, but considering they will be providing local mothers with lessons on health and food, and other various topics, then it could have a lasting effect. Plus, the food will go towards children, which will help them later in life. A well-fed child becomes a more healthy, stronger adult.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Belfast Telegraph, LA Times, Oregon Times
Photo: Agrund


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