Meet Kasey Beduhn


Meet Kasey Beduhn, a blogger, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Insider Information: When Kasey isn’t volunteering at The Borgen Project, she studies history at UW Madison as a senior. She works at Ebling Library and is an intern at the Rainbird Foundation which is a non-profit organization fighting against child abuse. She is starting an intramural volleyball team with her friends and will attempt to be awesome in the less competitive league. She’s also planning a month-long trip to Western Europe with friends after graduation.

How did you get interested in global issues?  In my sophomore year in high school I watched a documentary produced by the founders of Invisible Children and was distraught by the images of children being ripped from their families to risk their lives in a fight that wasn’t theirs. Since then I have been interested in global issues that affect millions of people every day.

What brought you to The Borgen Project? There is a real feeling that our work will change public perceptions toward global poverty, and that we are in a national group that can improve, if not eliminate global poverty. I love the enthusiasm that everyone working for The Borgen Project possesses!

– Mantra Roy


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