Meet Corina Balsamo


Meet Corina Balsamo, a blogger, based in Pennsylvania.

Insider Information: When Corina isn’t volunteering at The Borgen Project, she studies Spanish and Sociology at Villanova University. She enjoys writing, attending musicals, and is interested in film and acting but she has never pursued it as a career choice. One of her mad skills includes fast typing- currently, she can write over 100 words per minute.

How did you get interested in global issues? I have always been interested in travel and other cultures. Traveling to other countries helped me realize that it does not matter where someone is from; every human being deserves the same rights, which includes the right to happiness and a life free from poverty. Plus, I believe helping other countries will help my own in the long run.

What brought you to The Borgen Project? I liked the organizations approach of advocating for a noble cause and making a difference. I feel happy knowing I am making a difference through my writing, and that I have more opportunities to make a difference in the future.

– Mantra Roy


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