Meet Christina Mattos


Christina Mattos is a blogger based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Insider Information: When Christina isn’t volunteering at The Borgen Project, she works in renewable energy sector, collaborating with developers to create utility-scale solar fields, and hopes to apply this experience to domestic and global issues relating to energy/homeland security and international development. She went to San Diego State University where she was a student athlete on the Women’s Rowing Team. She loves photography, reading, hiking, cooking and baking, and cats. She has recently traveled through Europe and has her eyes set on South East Asia as her next destination.

How did you get interested in global issues? My interest in global issues stemmed from some travel I did as a child. I remember on a trip to Mexico, I saw children my age or younger out on the streets selling gum to tourists. Their parents were nowhere in sight and I was shocked that kids my age had such a drastically different life than my very sheltered one and I couldn’t understand why they were there and exactly why their parents had them doing this. That was the source of my concern for issues like global poverty. I also took a course in cultural psychology in college which exposed me to facts and worldviews that deepened my interest.

What brought you to The Borgen Project? I liked the organization’s offering of a platform that helps us Americans  utilize our fortunate position to help the underprivileged and to bring a voice to those who don’t have one through no fault of their own.

– Mantra Roy


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