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LOS ANGELES, California — Matt Damon is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and humanitarian. Many people may know Matt Damon more from his work in front of the screen; however, he is making a major impact off-screen by working towards ending global poverty. As a young kid, Damon traveled to Mexico and Guatemala, which inspired his passion for environmental and social change. Matt Damon’s charity work covers areas like sanitation, hunger and human rights.

From H2O to

Matt Damon’s charity work first started when he became educated about water quality and sanitation in sub-Saharan, Africa and its roll in ending global poverty. Damon first started the H2O organization to help people access clean water and sanitation. Later, he teamed up with Gary White in 2009, and they turned the H20 organization into something more impactful. It became a non-profit organization called is set to help people all around the globe have access to clean water and sanitation. Receiving The Environmental Media Association award in 2011, 2013 and 2014, this charity organization has made a positive impact on more than 17 million people. In 2016, it contributed $14.9 million in capital to its WaterCredit partners.

Damon is one of the world’s experts when it comes to clean water and sanitation. He was awarded the Crystal Award for his charitable work across several countries and his overall participation in his organization. Damon has stated, “You cannot solve poverty without solving water and sanitation.” With that being said, Damon has also visited numerous countries working on strategy development to improve sanitation. Damon has even had meetings from institutions from the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

Feeding America

Matt Damon’s charity work is also helping to end global poverty. Damon is a member of the Feeding America Entertainment Council and has starred in several public service announcements for the organization. The Feeding America Entertainment Council is comprised of members who show their concern about domestic hunger. Members will also show their support publicly by participating in press junkets for the cause, marketing the program and by influencing public policy initiatives.

Damon has participated in the commercials for Feeding America, one of which showed Damon playing a character named Steve. Steve didn’t have enough money for food, so he was forced to turn to a local food bank for help. Damon’s character Steve states, “I lost a lot of sleep wondering what the neighbors might think, that is until I saw them there too.” The commercial ends by saying on the screen “Hunger is a real story.”  This one Feeding America commercial shows that there are many people struggling to get themselves the daily necessities they need to survive and to be successful in life.

Not On Our Watch

Damon is also a co-founder of the charity Not On Our Watch, which supports global human rights. Now called The Sentry, the organization’s main goal is to “develop projects and campaigns that bring global attention to forgotten international crises.” It is working to help end issues around the world that do not get the deserved attention globally. It works to encourage others to take action and capture the attention of people with public influence in hopes of creating global change.

Matt Damon’s charity work is working towards a global change in poverty. With Damon’s busy schedule in film, screenwriting and producing, he still makes time to help our world with his many charities. Damon uses his fame and following to raise awareness of world hunger, clean water and sanitation and important human rights issues.

Ariel Deahl

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