Why Meghan Markle Is a Good Role Model for Young Girls


SEATTLE — Princesses have always proved influential to young girls across the globe with their kindness and bravery, creating a long-lasting impact. Meghan Markle is an example of a good role model for young girls. Even before her marriage to Prince Harry, Markle has had success both in her career as an actress and in her humanitarian efforts, including advocacy and giving back to the less fortunate. This has positioned her to become a positive, influential icon for women.

Markle Demonstrates How Girls Can Make a Difference from an Early Age

Markle is a good role model for young girls because she shows the importance of advocating for women everywhere. Being a feminist herself, Markle is a U.N. Women ambassador and even gave a speech on International Women’s Day in 2015. In the speech, she talked about when she first became an advocate for women at 11 years old when she wrote a letter to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton about a Proctor & Gamble dish soap commercial that had a sexist tagline. Eventually, after writing letters to the company itself and several news stations, Markle got the company to change the tagline. This alone proves to young girls that they can become advocates for something no matter their age; all they need is the passion to move forward.

Markle Is a Good Role Model for the Impact of Individual Actions

Along with being an advocate for women, Markle is a good role model because she shows by example how humanitarian acts can positively affect a country and its people. She traveled to Rwanda in 2016 and India in 2017 as a World Vision Global Ambassador. In Rwanda, she witnessed the effect clean water has on children throughout Africa, as part of her work in Rwanda revolved around visiting the Kabeza Borehole, which was built by World Vision in 2013. The Kabeza Borehole has continued to provide clean drinking water to 1,000 people in the area. While in India, she continued her work advocating for gender equality. She focused on the lack of education opportunities for girls while interacting with educators and activists who work on enhancing latrine access for girls.

Markle also used her creativity and passion to teach students at a Mbandazi school how to paint using water from the brand new pipe installation to create watercolor paintings. After her visit, she brought the paintings to Canada to promote the students’ stories at an event called The Watercolor Project. The event raised $15,000 for World Vision, which then built a water source that could be used by an entire community.

Markle shows young girls the power advocacy has and the strong impact of giving back to those in need. She also shows women the importance of blazing their own trails and what can be accomplished when pursuing a passion. Now that she has become the Duchess of Sussex, Markle has a bigger platform to further connect with women everywhere and continue her humanitarian and feminist work across the globe.

– Alyssa Hannam
Photo: Flickr


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