Loc-all Good Community Service Initiative Launched


Stor-All Systems Inc. is a business that has 44 facility locations in 5 states across the U.S. They have been a company for 46 years, and their tagline is, “Stor-All Storage: Personally yours.” They are a private self-storage company, with almost 29,000 units in the Southeastern U.S. market. Recently, Stor-All Systems have launched a Loc-all Good Community Service Initiative.

The Loc-All Good Community Service Initiative is meant to encourage employee involvement in their various communities, as well as various types of charity work. For this charitable work, the company plans to pay employees for their participation. This is an incredibly generous thing to do; the company is willing to pay their employees to do charity work that would not directly benefit or give profit to the company. This is merely an attempt to do something good for the communities that the company belongs to. The Loc-all Good Community Service Initiative logo is a circle with three parts; the local communities’ environments, goodness organizations, and needs. Loc-all Good wants to take part in any type of local charity work, without limiting employees to a particular type of charity.

They are reflecting a strong sense of social responsibility, due to their commitment to the family and to their customers. They wish to provide confidence, belonging, and other strong values to the families of their community. The managing partner, Jeff Anderson, said the company wants to deal with their community and community members as they would want to be dealt with; it is a modification of The Golden Rule. Anderson also mentioned that each employee of Stor-All Systems are given a certain number of paid hours a month as part of the Loc-all Good Community Service Initiative. They are encouraged, but not required, to participate in helping the local markets. The primary goal is to address local communities’ needs in every possible way. A Loc-all Good website is being made. Company officials commented that in the future they wish to have the possibility of a nationwide network of Loc-all Good companies, organizations, and affiliates in regards to charity work.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Inside Self Storage, PR Web, Extra Space
Photo: A Space Place Storage


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