Dua Lipa Directly Improves Lives with Sunny Hill Foundation


SEATTLE — In 2016, English singer, songwriter and model Dua Lipa established Sunny Hill Foundation, a charity organization set up in Prishtina-Kosovo dedicated to being a helping-hand for the most vulnerable and in-need parts of the community. As its ultimate mission, Sunny Hill Foundation states, “We want to reduce poverty and injustice, strengthen democratic values, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement.”

In an interview with Clash Magazine, the rising star explained in depth one of the highlights of her career to date, when she returned to South East Europe for the first time in four years. Lipa organized a show in Kosovo’s National Park, with all proceeds going to Sunny Hill Foundation, named after the neighborhood her parents grew up in. The artist recalls,

“…Thirty-thousand people showed up. The whole city was packed… Kosovo’s such a small place – they’re very patriotic and most of my fans have come from there… it’s important to remember where you’re from; to do your part to try and give back… We’re going to give to different charities every month for the youth of Kosovo.”

The projects of Sunny Hill Foundation focus on improving the quality of life for all of Kosovo’s people, following the long process of building something brand new from the ashes of discrimination and war. According to the organization’s website, it is dedicated to creating and promoting social equality in parts of society that have never enjoyed such benefits. Furthermore, Sunny Hill Foundation works to address and respond to present societal issues, such as areas of Youth Opportunity and Inclusion, Learning for All, Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice and Creativity and Free Expression.

Among her charitable efforts, in November 2016, Lipa joined the fundraising event in New York on behalf of Sunny Hill Foundation to support mothers and children in Kosovo. The Fundraising Reception hosted by the Foundation “Action for Mothers and Children” aims to raise awareness and necessary funding for the continuation of its health programs to improve the lives of mothers and children in Kosovo.

All of Lipa’s humanitarian work and dedication toward the Kosovo community is surely inspiring, especially at such an early stage in her career. With her growing platform, the vision of Sunny Hill Foundation is beginning to come into greater light and help change the lives of more individuals.

Mikaela Frigillana
Photo: Flickr


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