Lebron James’ Favorite Charity ONExONE


SEATTLE, Washington — Lebron James is widely known in the NBA community as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. From his championships with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. He has won Most Valuable Player and made several all-star appearances. ¬†James has done all he could do to cement himself as an NBA legend. Despite being one of the best players in the league, he is also one of the biggest contributors to charity. Lebron James’ favorite charity is the ONExONE organization.

ONExONE in Canada

The ONExONE organization is based in Canada and looks to improve the lives of children in Canada, Haiti and parts of Africa. It sets up programs dedicated to improving these developing countries by sending them water and food and improving their health and education. The ONExONE organization is committed to increasing nutrition, food, literacy, health and scholastic success in developing countries. It also works to improve these elements within Canada as well by setting up breakfast programs.

First Nations communities are areas in Canada that deal with the most poverty. ONExONE looked to combat this by setting up breakfast programs in order to make sure children are eating. It has provided grants to most impoverished communities, which enabled them to implement programs that offer nutritious meals to children every day in school. In 2014-15, the grants supported more than 4,000 children from 30 communities in Canada. It has contributed more than 700,000 breakfasts.

ONExONE Around the World

ONExONE is also one of the first responders to natural disasters. After Hurricane Irma, it provided food, water, tools, medical supplies and building materials for Puerto Ricans. After the earthquake in Haiti, which ended up being the fifth deadliest natural disaster in history, it flew out and provided meals and access to healthcare for Haitians.

In certain parts of Africa, there are more than 4,000 children who die every day because they have no clean water. ONExONE has water projects in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to make sure these children received clean water. It has provided clean drinking fountains and brought out trucks with clean water to provide for families. Furthermore, the organization built high schools for girls in Kenya to make sure they receive proper education and have a bright future since fewer than 5 percent of girls in certain parts of Africa go to high school.

Lebron James Involvement

Lebron James is known for donating to charity and is well-known for his contributions to kids. He built a school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio where students could attend for free so they could have a better future. He also gave out 1,100 scholarships to students that cost around $41 million.

Lebron is known to be the biggest donator to the ONExONE organization. He has donated at least $1 million since 2009. Due to his contributions, the organization is able to continue its trips to Haiti, provide more breakfast for kids in First Nations, and help with education, water and food to countries in Africa. The organization currently doing a mission in Rwanda to bring more doctors together into the country.

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