Lady Gaga Gives Back to the World


BRADFORD, New York — Lady Gaga has returned to stardom with the release of her most personal album yet, Joanne. The record has produced several hits honoring her late aunt, including “A-YO,” “Grigio Girls,” and the most recent single “Million Reasons.” In addition, Gaga was seen at high-profile performances from the American Music Awards, to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, to the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston this February.

However, Mother Monster is not only known for her provocative appearances and catchy musical hooks. Lady Gaga gives back tremendous donations to poverty-alleviating charities around the world, and 2016 has been no exception to her benevolence.

In June, Gaga broke headlines during a trip to a Mexican orphanage where the singer inspired children with an a capella rendition of “Born This Way.” Her visit was accompanied with gifts and school supplies for the 31 underprivileged kids in the Casa Hogar shelter in Cabo San Lucas.

In August, she then announced via Twitter that she will be supporting relief projects after the month’s list of natural disasters. She promised donations for Louisiana’s historic flooding, which has been declared a state of emergency. This was also matched with donations to the Accumoli, Italy area in honor of her Italian heritage following the devastating M6.2 earthquake.

Additionally, Lady Gaga gives back via her one-of-a-kind performances. Prior to the release of Joanne on October 21, Gaga embarked on the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, opening with a show at The 5 Spot located in Nashville. Originally scheduled to host a group of female comedians known as Broads and Brews, Gaga bought out the venue and donated the proceeds to the group’s charity of the month, The Oasis Center. According to their website, The Oasis Center is a group that serves homeless and impoverished youth and assists them in becoming future leaders in the community by tackling the problems in their local government.

Finally, Gaga ended another year of philanthropy by supporting Selena Gomez’s AMA speech about depression. In an Australia radio segment later that week, Gaga reworked the focus of tabloids, stating: “there are other things that are happening besides the strife of fame, such as poverty in developing nations.”

In the past, Lady Gaga has also shown her generosity with major tragedies occurring around the world. In January 2010, the star raised more than $500,000 through concert tickets and a special edition t-shirt with the purpose of rebuilding Haiti after the M7.0 earthquake. Likewise, she sold bracelets in a fundraising campaign following Japan’s M9.1 earthquake the next year. Then, in late 2012, Gaga provided over $1 million to assist Hurricane Sandy victims.

Though it may be unclear how pop music’s controversial queen intends to astound us next, it is clear that her memorable acts will always be complemented by her humble charity. Lady Gaga gives back in many ways, a legacy shared with Little Monsters around the world.

Zachary Machuga

Photo: Flickr


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